The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure was an unprecedented event in terms of size, scope and the involvement of former Members of the U. S. Congress. Fully developed, the concept could be a powerful new advocacy tool to seek truth as regards the most controversial issues of our time.

For this reason Paradigm Research Group has formed the Citizen Hearing Foundation (CHF), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. The aim of this organization is to educate the public, the media and political leaders regarding controversial issues which do not receive the appropriate degree of consideration by mainstream institutions.

In addition to holding more Citizen Hearings, the CHF will pursue other initiatives which address citizen grievances, abuses of power and secrecy, and media neglect.  First  among these initiatives is a multi-nation, joint resolution to the United Nations General Assembly.

This is the mission of the CHF.


The Citizen Hearing Foundation is a project of Paradigm Research Group.