Citizen Hearings

The first Citizen Hearing was an unprecedented event in which forty witnesses convened at the National Press Club to testify in a hearing like setting before six former members of the United States Congress.

The subject matter was extraordinary for its content – events and evidence pointing to an extraterrestrial (non-human) intelligence engaging the human race – and for the fact the United States government has taken expensive and extreme measures to contain this evidence and embargo formal acknowledgment of the conclusions.

The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure by no means covered the full spectrum of relevant evidence or the history of government intervention. Furthermore, there are other controversial areas of inquiry that have been the target of government suppression.

The people have a need and a right to know about the nature of the universe and the policies of their government which profoundly affect their lives. The people can handle the truth and will withhold their trust and approval from government, agency, political and military officials who withhold the truth from the people.

The CHF, funding permitting, will hold more Citizen Hearings in the future addressing those issues which are victim to government suppression and media neglect.