Francisco Mourão Corrêa

Advisor - Portugal

Francisco Mourão Corrêa has been interested in extraterrestrial related phenomena since childhood and has been working with Portuguese researchers for many years.  He founded the Exopolitics Portugal group and website in 2010 and organized an exopolitics conference in Porto in 2011 at the University Fernanddo Pessoa. In 2012 Francisco was involved with documentary series UFO Europe produced by Pioneer Productions for the National Geographic Channel.  He also participated in the filming of the series Extraterrestres produced by New Atlantic for the History Channel.  He has given lectures across Europe as well as Portugal.  .Exopolitics Portugal has a very close relation with CTEC (Centre for Transdisciplinary Studies of Consciousness) a research department of the University Fernando Pessoa, that also studies UFO’s.

He has degrees in Management, Marketing and Traditional Chinese Medicine