Dark Matter

July 26, 2000
Stephen Bassett

Washington, DC – The average person in the street has but the faintest clue as to how far cosmologists and astrophysicists have gone in attempting to understand the universe. Oh, they note the occasional science article in their daily paper, the one about this black hole, that quasar, a superstring here, a quark there. But few are able to piece together the complete picture human science is painting about the world outside the planet earth. It is astounding – not simply for what is being hypothesized – but that it is being done at all.

The human brain, barely out of the nursery, has actually forged a logic train back to the “big bang” and, even beyond. Yes, there are scientists making serious efforts to understand the pre-big bang reality. Happily, we live in the golden age of science journalism and all of these findings and projections are being chronicled in a manner, also remarkable, even a reasonably educated non-scientist can follow.

However, for two decades the efforts of cosmologists working on the universal jigsaw puzzle have been thwarted by a missing piece.   A host of calculations including galactic rotation, clustering and expansion could not be properly interpreted without factoring in what has come to be called “dark matter” – missing, unseen matter we are just beginning to understand.

The extraterrestrial hypothesis is the dark matter of political science and science policy in the second half of the twentieth century. It may very well be the missing piece for archeology, anthropology, and the history of religion, but that is for another columnist to address.

Whether you are a reporter nosing around for a story, a legislative aide trying to figure out what all the fuss is, or just a bewildered Mr. or Mrs. Jones wanting to know what’s happening, hear this: the actions and policy of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the conduct and treatment of presidents, the actions of the intelligence agencies, and the investigative and response policies of the military services do not calculate (make sense) unless you factor in the presence of extraterrestrials in the world, the ET hypothesis.

At its core, the disclosure process is the reinterpretation of history in light of the ET hypothesis. One of the reasons this process is intensifying is the quality of people stepping into the arena – it increase year to year.

A key continuing tactic of the insider, anti-disclosure cabal has been to refuse to acknowledge any new contribution by people of rank and stature – the higher the stature, the stricter the adherence to this tactic. Harvard education? Ph.D.? Pulitzer Prize? Career military officer? A dozen decorations? Member of the Congress? President of the United States? Accomplished, published scientist? If you are talking ET hypothesis, you don’t exist and will be ignored or stonewalled, if complete disregard is not an option (president, congressperson).

And like just about anyone who ever worked for Richard Nixon, you are left to twist slowly in the wind, whereupon members of the UFO/ET research community (to be fair, some government operatives) will gladly pick you apart until your contribution is likely rendered useless or marginalized.

Times are a changin’.  As more people of rank and station keep turning up, the tactic of pretending they don’t exist increasingly insults the collective national intelligence. Consequently, the fine people running things inside the Beltway look more and more like idiots. This author lives inside the Beltway and can state without hesitation, these people hate being thought of as idiots.

Guess what? Two new players just entered stage left. Let’s take a look.

Daniel Sheehan is one of the leading social activists of our time. He has three Harvard degrees; founded the Christic Institute, an interfaith center for law and national policy; was legal counsel on the Karen Silkwood, Iran/Contra, Pentagon Papers, and Watergate Burglary Cases, and numerous other landmark issues; represented Dr. John Mack during the Harvard Medical School inquiry; has raised millions of dollars for legal activism; is known throughout the world; and currently heads the Strategic Initiative to Identify the New Paradigm, one of six major projects spun out from the Gorbachev Foundation.

In 1977, while General Counsel to the United States Jesuit Office of Social Ministry in Washington, DC. he served as a Special Consultant to the United States Library of Congress Congressional Research Office Project on Extraterrestrial Intelligence ordered by President Jimmy Carter. Dr. Sheehan was given access not only to the classified portions of the United States Air Force’s “Project Blue Book” files but to the confidential report prepared for the Science & Technology Committee of the United States Congress by the Library of Congress Congressional Research Office. During this assignment he saw extraordinary evidence for the ET hypothesis.

On the July 6, 2000 radio broadcast (still archived) of Coast to Coast AM with Mike Siegel, Dan Sheehan committed himself and the prestige of the Christic Institute to ending the government UFO/ET cover-up.   The interested public should expect more news of this extremely important development over the coming months.

Now, don’t you just know the boys down at MJ-12 central, or whatever they call themselves these days, are just thrilled to hear about this?

Alfred Webre is a Fulbright Scholar, graduate of Yale University, Yale Law School with a JD degree, and the University of Texas.   He has been an environmental lawyer, a futurist at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI), professor (Yale University and the University of Texas), author, and social activist.  Webre has been a non- governmental delegate to the United Nations and a delegate to the Texas Democratic Convention.

In 1977, while at the Stanford Research Institute, Alfred Webre also worked on the Carter study of extraterrestrial intelligence. The study was to have been undertaken jointly by the National Science Foundation and the Center for the Study of Social Policy at SRI where the author was a futurist and principal investigator.   In his new book, Exopolitics, he claims that the 1977-78 Carter White House study was secretly suppressed at the behest of Pentagon officials, led by the SRI liaison with the Pentagon.

Dr. Webre will be participating in the new initiative previously mentioned.

The entrance of these exceptional men into the disclosure movement will have several points of impact, one of which being the reopening of the facts surrounding the Carter study. The parallels to the Clinton presidency as relates to the UFO/ET question are eerie.

Carter arrived in Washington as an outsider and governor of a southern state. Very early in his administration he showed unilateral interest in the UFO/ET issue. He made inquiries, started a research study and requested information from several agencies. He was generally stonewalled.

In fact, when he approached the NASA administrator, Fletcher, to involve NASA in the study, his request was rejected. When he approached the CIA Director, he was told to look elsewhere. That director, George H. W. Bush.

The study was closed down early and an inconsequential report authored by Marcia Smith was published.

Carter then came under attack from several directions.   These attacks were often of a personal nature.   He was called a liar. Attempts were made to connect him to a financial scandal.   His family members, particularly his brother, were ridiculed in the press.  His Ambassador to the UN, Andrew Young, was driven out of office.

Jimmy Carter essentially never spoke of the UFO/ET issue again and was voted out of office. A legend has grown up around the last days of the 1980 election. It is called the “October Surprise.”   Authors have claimed a deal was struck with the Ayatollah Khomeni to withhold the American hostages until the republican candidate was elected. The man allegedly leading the negotiation of that deal, George H. W. Bush, the former CIA Director and Vice President elect.

After William Clinton, a flawed man to be sure, showed formal, unilateral interest in the UFO/ET question, he came under attack as no other president in history. While the effort to limit him to one term failed, he has been humiliated and marginalized as he completes his tenure. The republican seeking to replace him in the White House, George W. Bush, son of George H. W. Bush.

Allow to be put forward a theory for your consideration. Some presidents are allowed to know the particulars of the UFO/ET reality and some are not.  Jimmy Carter and William Clinton were not invited to the party.   In fact, it was supposed to be George H. W. Bush’s party. He lost, but his son is slated to take his place as the disclosure president. The selection of former Secretary of Defense Richard Cheney is in line with that agenda.

The idea that some elected presidents are not briefed on issues of massive importance because certain insiders, perhaps composed of members of the other party, don’t wish them to be briefed, is not acceptable. It is illegal, it is dangerous, and it is part of that “dark matter” you need to embrace, if you want to make sense of the last 50 years of history.

Jimmy Carter is viewed by both political parties as one of the greatest ex-presidents in this or any time. He has risen above politics in his post-presidential life and garners great respect worldwide.

The presence of extraterrestrials in our world is bipartisan and affects everyone, everywhere. Maybe the last great act of Jimmy Carter’s life is to step into the disclosure arena himself and bring the process to all the people. At this point he is just about the only person left anyone would trust. Jimmy, come on dowwwwnnnnn.