August 8, 2000
Stephen Bassett

Washington, DC – There is something you carry around with you twenty-four and seven that is absolutely essential to your well being, even operating while you sleep, infiltrating your dreams.

It is your world view. No aspect of ones personal reality is more taken for granted. You move through your life with a shadow composed of millions of small and large components acquired via the conscious and unconscious mind. This shadow is the vector sum of every experience you have had from floating in amniotic fluid to cutting your foot on a bottle cap to having someone explain why the stars stay up in the sky. World view is also affected by genetics, luck and timing.

With each passing year this shadow welds ever firmer to your self and becomes a prophylactic glove protecting you from the dangers about. Don’t leave home without it.

If you did, you wouldn’t even survive long enough to be voted off the planet. Your world view tells you that objects have mass and moving objects have momentum. Step in front of one and you feel the big hurt. World view tells you gravity is constant and certain. You could leap off a 20-story building, feeling like a little flying and calculating that gravity might be on holiday. You don’t.

You live in a highly developed social structure with great commonality of experience, so you are not surprised that world view tends to group. You like it when the person next to you has a similar, if not identical world view. It’s convenient and comforting and so very ancient.

When a single adult has a major change of world view, it is called a mid-life crisis, an epiphany, rehab, an awakening, getting one’s act together. When the population of an empire or continent or race have a major change of world view, it is called a paradigm shift.

That which is about to happen in the world needs a name, and paradigm shift is it. Yes, you are sick to death of this phrase. The word “paradigm” is all over the place and getting tiresome. Nevertheless, when a phrase or word matches up with events or phenomena of sufficient power, it becomes ubiquitous by virtue of that power.

The person most responsible for this is Thomas S. Kuhn who wrote The Structure of Scientific Revolutions in 1962. He introduced the concept of paradigm shift to describe what happens when a particularly profound, new scientific data set dramatically changes a base premise by which reality is interpreted.

As it happens, this type of shift will occur in science without the average person buying a slurpy at 7/11 knowing or caring. However, on occasion a scientific tremor is followed by a massive aftershock whereby such a shift explodes into the world at large and affects the world view of every living person. The Copernican Revolution had such an impact, altering politics, religion, literature, philosophy, planetarium building – the works.

What do you call that? The supershift, the megashift, a paradigm shift with lettuce, tomato, pickle and special sauce?  It’s a wonderful phrase and Kuhn just set his sights too low. A scientific revolution is a fine howdy do, but a tectonic change in world view by billions of people forcing reassessment of most of human history? – now that’s a spicy meatball.

Please permit a modest suggestion for the sake of clarity. If the extraterrestrial presence were merely a matter of scientific inquiry, its disclosure would create a Kuhnlike paradigm shift. But it is much more than that, representing the biggest change in world view ever on Earth. So we shall call it a Paradigm Shift with a capital “P” and “S.”

Let’s review. Light is both a particle and a wave – paradigm shift. Telepathic aliens are floating your brother into a saucer – Paradigm Shift. Disease is caused by microscopic organisms – paradigm shift. So many spacecraft are landing in Mexico they need valet parking – Paradigm Shift.

Since you now understand this, we, naturally, are led to the subject of “women.”

Human beings are, in general, a self-possessed species. When considering the importance of any event or circumstance, humans take a “what good has it done for me, Al Franken” approach. Let’s depart from that perspective and examine the 20th Century as to how it will impact the entire planet and every living thing on it for the next thousand years – the big picture.

On that basis, what is the single most important facet of the last century – more important than WWII, the atomic bomb, the moon landing, Velcro, the United Nations, the civil rights movement, environmentalism, the Bolshevik Revolution and painless dentistry? The answer – the political empowerment of women, the suffrage/women’s rights movement.

And, surprise, surprise, there is a very powerful tie-in to the politics of UFOs. “Ok, son, you’re out of your everlovin’ mind, but I’m willing to give you a couple paragraphs to explain this before I hyperlink the hell out of here.” Thank you.

The UFO cover-up is a male enterprise, run and managed by men based upon a world view constructed by male experience going back 3 million years. Virtually the same can be said about the waging of war, invention of weaponry, and the structure of politics, diplomacy and religion.

In other words, the 20th Century was shaped by a world view which was predominantly male. As it happens, that world view ceased to be adequate around the middle of that century, say 1945.

By that time, the long term future of Earth was based upon three extremely entrenched premises which are false. They are:

1)  the continuing increase in human population will auto-correct itself without serious human intervention, massive suffering and unnecessary deaths.

2)  one of the auto-corrective mechanisms mitigating the population issue will be the movement of second and third world countries to first world status accompanied by the appropriate level of technology and consumption.

3)  peace and the pursuit of happiness can be indefinitely preserved by secrecy, control, and the threat of using ever more effective weapons.

As a result of these premises the Earth enters the 21st Century on the brink of global calamity. Note the important word, “global.” The suffering in Belair, Marin County, and Westchester may not be too awful, but the suffering outside the U.S. borders will be terrible beyond description.

A major reason for this most unfortunate circumstance is this: the world view of women is not the same as that of men and that world view has not been sufficiently operative in shaping the modern world. It is the classic matter of yin and yang.

In the most powerful nation on Earth, women’s suffrage only comes about 35 years before the atomic bomb. Women still only represent a small portion of the U. S. Congress at a time when we are moving to place weapons of mass destruction in space. The Earth has been host to a seminal race between the empowerment of women and the consequences of a male dominated approach to politics, diplomacy and religion – it is losing the race by about 50 years. Had the timetable for parity between male and female world view in the conduct of world affairs been advanced a mere half-century, much of the worst of the 20th century might have been avoided.

The male dominated world view is so entrenched in our politics, the timely alteration of the premises above will require circumstantial change of the highest degree. There are only two candidates with sufficient leverage to effect such change: 1) full political leadership parity by women in most of the developed nations, and 2) formal disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence.

Even the most sanguine view of world politics will not project a yin/yang of male/female world leadership parity in time to avoid a 21st century nightmare.

This author believes the extraterrestrial entities presently engaging us know this, and that is one of several good reasons why they have seemingly been forcing the pace of formal self-disclosure for 20 years.

Even if true, the question remains: will the missing female parity in political leadership damage the process of self-disclosure and mitigate its impact on the lopsided rationales leading us toward a world of hurt?