Reasons to Disclose

August 17, 2000
Stephen Bassett

Washington, DC – In a June 14 Alien Zoo column the question was asked, “What does the ‘politics of UFOs’ mean?” The answer:  making the case to the general public why their personal vital interests and their nation’s vital interests are served by a comprehensive and truthful disclosure of the facts known to their government relating to the extraterrestrial presence. Events intervened delaying a follow-up column making that case, until now.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons why formal disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence needs to occur at this time. You will probably not read here anything that has not been written somewhere else, but there is a power to gathering them in one place. So, the reasons to disclose:

It’s True

Sometimes historical events are built on lies. That doesn’t mean the events were not powerful or dramatic. In such an instance activists might still pursue issues with vigor and well meaning ardor.   It does mean the outcomes were tainted, possibly destructive, and certainly confusing. Activism for the sake of activism is no virtue. The well-being of people, nations and the planet is best served by events built on truth.

It is of no small consequence the presence of extraterrestrials in our world is fact. An educated guess, a maybe, would be quite another thing. The evidence has been amassed by largely competent researchers for five decades. That members of certain established institutions – high end media, top universities, military and intelligence public relations offices – refuse to properly examine this evidence is not relevant to its dispositive value. Placing a paper bag over ones head is not acceptable conduct in the jury box.

One argument against the disclosure effort is simply there is nothing to disclose – no extraterrestrials, no contact, no retrieved craft, and no cover-up. In the shadow of this argument is the accusation the UFO/ET disclosure movement is a front for attacks on the military/intelligence infrastructure – a deceptive attempt to draw people into the secrecy reform movement who otherwise would have no interest. The truth of the phenomena negates that attack.

It is a powerful operating tenant of free societies of law that it is just as dangerous to suppress the truth in matters of great importance as it is to proffer lies. The very truth of the ET presence demands it be engaged. It is no small truth, and the possible outcomes and impact are beyond the ability of mere humans to predict.   In such instances the best course is open involvement by every aspect of the culture – bring to bear every talent, viewpoint, and skill.

The Cover-up Corrupts

The American people have granted certain intelligence entities the right to pry and keep secrets. But they did not grant the right to lie. The appropriate answer to a UFO/ET question by the government is “no comment.”   When any agenda at times forces members of the Army, Air Force, NASA, the Congress, the Executive, the CIA, NSA and other agencies to lie straight faced to the public, it corrupts the people lying and the entity that employs them. Worse, it lowers the barriers to more lies about other issues, making it a standard operating procedure. Over time this corruption becomes pandemic, spreading to other agencies not even related to the forcing agenda.

The corrupting effects of the UFO/ET cover-up are now in their 53rd year – a lot of time, a lot of damage.

The Cover-up Warps

As stated previously in other columns, the UFO/ET cover-up acts like a huge gravitational field warping and unbalancing the other components of government in their constitutional orbits.         Presidents are kept out of the loop, congressional oversight is breached, hidden wars are conducted, intelligence agencies violate their mission statements, the judiciary passes on illegal suppression of evidence and upholds unconstitutional executive orders, military services are recruited to maintain the deception, and civilian agencies such as NASA are twisted away from their legislated mandates.

Disclosure will turn that magnetic field off so our government can be brought back into equilibrium.

Sequestered Technology

The late Col. Philip Corso revealed in his memoir, The Day After Roswell, that some alien based technology was migrated into the commercial marketplace to give the United States a competitive edge.   Most of that technology has come to benefit all nations. Well and good. But the evidence mounts that the two most impacting technologies have been sequestered for national security reasons – how alien craft are propelled and how they derive the energy to effect that propulsion.

While the exact nature of these two technologies cannot be stated, they have come to be known by somewhat metaphorical terms – electrogravitic drive and zero point (free) energy.       In a world where thousands of children die every day from starvation and medical neglect, where hundreds of millions suffer from various deprivations, it is not acceptable to hold back technologies of this potency on the basis of national security or any basis.

And last, but certainly not least:

International Trust

The most valuable currency in the new century will not be gold or silver, U.S. or Euro dollars – it will be “trust.”   The list of threatening issues that have gone global and from which no single nation can withdraw, grows larger. It includes:

  • 1) non-coercive population control which does not violate human rights.
  • 2) mitigating international terrorism without the imposition of marshal law and violation of national sovereignties.
  • 3) ending the “war” on drugs without having to imprison absurd percentages of the population, wage real war, or violate national sovereignties.
  • 4) nuclear and biological arms proliferation.
  • 5) non-coercive disease management.
  • 6) environmental issues on a level impacting all nations – rain forest elimination, Russian nuclear ships rusting in heaps, fishing out the seas, genetic engineering foods to address famine.
  • 7) the turning of near-earth space into a landfill and a weapons platform.
  • 8) voluntary withdrawal from ancient ethnic hatreds and the concomitant spirals of violence.

Without unprecedented global cooperation, these problems will not be solved, and that cooperation will have to be purchased with trust, not money. The UFO/ET cover-up is nicely positioned to empty the American vault of that commodity.

Aside from the distrust bred of abuse of power, the breaking Echelon scandal being but the latest in a lengthening list of such abuses, the UFO/ET cover-up holds some spectacular possibilities to create international and cultural riffs that might last for centuries.

What are citizens of other nations and adherents of other cultures to think? The United States has lied about the most important event in human history to everyone for decades. It has captured extraordinary technology and kept it hidden. It has attempted to develop new weapons from this technology to add to its already unmatched arsenal. It has denied earth changing, life sparing, environmental saving technology from the human race for “national security” reasons. It has interacted with and perhaps entered into agreements with non-human entities for unstated, hidden purposes. It has denied financial and medical assistance to its own employees for “national security” reasons. It has forced other nations to adhere to its UFO/ET cover-up and timetable. It has either condoned, permitted, and/or conducted bizarre and sometimes coercive interactions with citizens of its own country and other countries, while denying any knowledge of such events.

The United States and Great Britain mutually agreed to keep all atomic bomb secrets from the Soviet Union for fear it would be the new enemy. The resulting Cold War and arms race cost between $10 and $20 trillion dollars. What will be the price tag on this latest game of hide and seek?

The New Paradigm

If the citizens who inhabit this planet of nations are not going to repeat the mistakes of the 20th Century on an even grander scale, they must think and act in a new way. The UFO/ET cover-up is old paradigm, formal disclosure and the end of the cover-up is new paradigm. Governments must open up, personal privacy must be reassured, nations must cooperate, people must give up their bigotry, the environment must be preserved – these are the elements of the new paradigm.

None of these goals can be achieved in an atmosphere of secrecy and mistrust. The formal disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence – the end of the UFO/ET cover-up – is a necessary and critical step toward a world of governments that realizes – and not simply promises – freedom, justice and the basic needs of life for all.