Disclosure & Contactees

December 5, 2013
Stephen Bassett

At the very center of the extraterrestrial engagement of the human race are the “contactees” – citizens having direct contact with extraterrestrials.*  Their numbers may prove to be astoundingly large. They have had to deal with their experience with no support whatsoever from their government, and until recently, little or no support from family, friends or their community. They include members of every race, religion and social strata, which means there are contactees amongst government officials, military officers, intelligence agency personnel, college professors, scientists, and even members of Congress or their staff.  

Over the past thirty years hundreds of thousands of contactees have come forward with accounts of thier experiences. Most of these were in writing sent privately to researchers.  Others have become very public. Not surprisingly, those of the highest rank and station in government, science, politics, sports and entertainment are much less likely to “come out of the closet.”  Too much to risk. That dichotomy is slowly changing.

The contact phenomenon is THE most powerful and important component of the extraterrestrial engagement. It will pose a huge problem for all governments post-Disclosure.  That said, PRG has chosen to keep this aspect of the ET reality in the background as it pushes for Disclosure. What is sought by the Disclosure movement is the acknowledgement of the extraterrestrial presence. The details of that presence will be sorted out in the post-Disclosure world to follow.

PRG executive director Stephen Bassett’s decision to take on the ET issue was greatly influenced by Dr. John E. Mack and his book Abduction: Human Encounters with AliensHe began his journey at Dr. Mack’s Program for Extraordinary Experience Research in Cambridge, MA.  

Contactees around the world have been the unsung interface between two worlds.  They have had to carry that burden alone abandoned by their own government. PRG’s advocacy work is and always has been dedicated to resolving that circumstance so their burden can be shared by all seven billion humans on this planet. 

* There is not yet a consensus on the terminology for this component of the phenomena.  PRG chooses to use “contactee” as the umbrella term covering all the types of contact being reported. This would include unrequested, forced removal – abductees; requested contact; simple encounters; communication via the mind only – channelling; and other less common modalities.