Why UFO investigators ignore naysayers & critics from established science

Newsweek Special Edition

The phenomena of UFO abductions is familiar to everyone—even if the experience of one has only ever been secondhand at best. But the ubiquitous perception may be largely inaccurate, stemming from the likes of hackneyed depictions in sci-fi films and clickbait fabrications on the internet. That’s unacceptable to the small but dedicated group of individuals who have pledged their lives to solving this mystery. “I continue my research no matter what, and nothing’s going to stop me, nor will it stop others in the field,” says Denise Stoner, one of the world’s leading authorities on UFO abduction reports and a member of the Mutual UFO Network’s (MUFON) Experiencer Research Team. Experts in the field know that the truth about abductions, whatever it may be, lies within the reports from thousands of people in dozens of countries………….

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