Government Documents Reveal Canada Took UFOs Seriously

March 7, 2018
Mack Lamoureux

A collection of documents from 1967 found in the national archives give us a hint into just how seriously the government used to take UFO sightings.

The documents outline how the government investigated UFOs—a process that most likely lasted for years afterwards—and breaks down six cases that are “of interest” to the government in detail. The investigations include a man burned by a UFO in Manitoba, some incredibly weird radar sightings by the Department of Defence, an RCMP officer in Nova Scotia who watched a UFO dive below the water and disappear, and a crop circle found in Alberta that was the first investigated by a government.

The documents were found in the national archive by Chris Rutkowski—a man that could probably be best described as Canada’s Fox Mulder—and recently posted to his Ufology blog. Rutowski routinely goes through Canada’s national archives looking for things like this and described the find as “a gem.”

“What we do have in here is rather interesting reports from qualified personnel and qualified sources and investigated by qualified investigators and still there is no explanation,” Rutkowski told VICE. “What that tells me is that the UFO phenomena was taking quite seriously by them indeed.”…….

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