The Tragedy of SETI

No Signs of Aliens in the Closest 1,300 Stars, Hunt Funded byRussian Billionaire Reveals – Live Science, June 19, 2019


The SETI concept (search for extraterrestrial intelligence) first emerges simultaneous with the launch of NASA via the National Aeronautics and Space Act of 1958. Over the next six decades SETI programs would be financed with millions of dollars of tax payer funds. When Congress grew weary of this, private funding was obtained. Later government money would again turn up.

The legendary Stanton Friedman eventually coined a substitute acronym – Silly Effort TInvestigate. Stanton was being too kind. The SETI programs, based on the amount of funding and length of tenure, are the greatest scientific fraud in human history.

In 1958 the U.S. Government had to create a civilian space program. The Russians were leading in space exploration and the U.S. had to respond. A secret military space program was not going to get the necessary vast sums of money needed. The public was excited about exploring space and aware of the extraterrestrial concept. They would support a civilian space program, but the U.S. Government had a big problem.

When NASA was established persons who mattered were quite aware since the 1940’s there was already an extraterrestrial presence engaging the planet. This truth along with all research and investigations were embargoed under the highest classification status within the military/intelligence complex (MIC).

NASA was going to generate more public interest in the extraterrestrial hypothesis (ETH) and the UFO phenomena being reported worldwide. The government could not appear to ignore the ETH as that would raise suspicion. A program to search for extraterrestrial radio signals that would almost certainly never be found was the solution to their problem. SETI would be the buffer to keep pressure off NASA, avoid awkward questions and keep lying to a minimum.

Over the subsequent decades SETI built radio telescopes that do have use value and perhaps elevated the science of radio telescopy. A number of scientists made comfortable livings. Was that worth the hundreds of millions (in 2019) dollars in tax payer and private funding? Given the entire program was a con game in service to the government imposed truth embargo. No.

That said, PRG views the creation of SETI programs in 1958 as a matter of national security as a legal albeit distasteful policy. The threat of a nuclear war was real. However, over the years SETI scientists likely making north of $100,000 per year (in 2019 dollars) would appear in tandem with extraterrestrial phenomena researchers often making nothing to debunk their work and demean their credibility. Not nice.

PRG has often said, “One way or another the truth makes fools of us all.” This includes scientists whose careers were wasted and legacies destroyed. It also includes Russian billionaires. Somehow Yuri Milner managed to ignore sixty years of evidence amassed confirming the extraterrestrial presence and give $100 million dollars to keep on searching for those elusive ET signals.

One can only wonder what Mr. Milner’s mood will be when he learns the SETI program was a fraud from the day it was created and remains same to this day.

Steve Bassett
San Pedro, CA
July 4, 2019