Academics for Disclosure

PRG will soon launch a new project, Academics for Disclosure. Hopefully it is an idea whose time has come. Some background:

For seven decades a key component for the success of the government imposed truth embargo has been the refusal by academic institutions in the United States to challenge that embargo and engage the mounting evidence for an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race. It is not a stretch to label this the greatest intellectual failure in history.

For various reasons there would be no university based research and no accredited programs of study. On-campus lectures from experts in the field of extraterrestrial phenomena research were rare as were any comments by faculty on the subject.  For seventy years this has been the status for America’s 5000 colleges and universities.

The reasons for this total abnegation of intellectual inquiry likely include the growing dependence on government research funding, fear of losing respect of peers or even one’s job, direct intimidation by government agencies and a fair measure of simple cowardice. And, of course, it was members of the academic community who often came forward to ridicule, demean and dismiss the work of researchers trying to put their evidence forward. Some wrote books making the case that interest in UAPs and all things associated with UAPs was an absurd waste of time.

Over the years PRG has spoken with many academics quite confident there was an extraterrestrial presence. They were willing to state this privately but not publicly. Now that is changing. Slowly and often awkwardly working academics are engaging the issue in public with apparently no consequence.

How far ranging is this new sentiment within the academic community? PRG wants to find out.

First, the concept behind Academics for Disclosure will be announced. What is it? PRG will be seeking from a select group of people that includes anyone with an accredited PhD/MD in any subject or teach at a college or university, regardless of their degree, to publicly sign on to the following statement:


“I am convinced there is an extraterrestrial presence currently engaging the human race and fully support formal confirmation of this fact by the President of the United States.”


Nothing else will be asked of the participants other than speaking this basic truth to power.

Over the coming weeks and months PRG will recruit academics to this project. No names will be published until such time as there is a significant number of persons signed up. At that time Academics for Disclosure will formally launch with a press conference at the National Press Club.

If you hold a PhD in an academic subject or teaching at a college or university, regardless of your degree, and wish to participate, contact PRG at your convenience. This request is not limited to the United States.