Dr. Edgar Mitchell (1930-2016)

March 2, 2016
Stephen Bassett



Apollo 14 astronaut, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, first spoke out on the ET issue in 1997. In this regard he was following in the footsteps of Mercury astronaut Gordon Cooper. Dr. Mitchell had been deeply affected by meetings he had taken at the Pentagon. Significantly he had grown up a few miles from Roswell, NM, and was there – a boy of sixteen – when the historic events of July 1947 took place. 

Many years later his stature as the sixth man to walk on the Moon coupled with his childhood near Roswell prompted many witnesses to the July 1947 events to approach him with their accounts. Some of these witnesses had never spoken to researchers – only to Edgar. This plus the work of many researchers convinced Edgar the Roswell incident was indeed the crash of an extraterrestrial vehicle with bodies recovered, and he said so – publicly.

As is often the case, Dr. Mitchell paid a price for speaking truth to power. Over the next 20 years NASA and the Navy never commented on Edgar’s statements with the minor exception in 2008 when NASA stated, “NASA does not track UFOs. NASA is not involved in any sort of cover-up about alien life on this planet or anywhere in the universe. Dr. Mitchell is a great American, but we do not share his opinions on this issue.”

But NASA was irritated by this truth teller. So, in 2011 NASA sued this American hero to prevent him from auctioning off a camera he had brought back from the Moon. They slapped this man in the face during the months following the death of his son, Adam. He donated the camera to the Air and Space Museum. On September 20, 2012, Congress enacted H.R. 4158, confirming full ownership rights of artifacts to astronauts in Apollo (and Mercury and Gemini) space missions.

One day NASA will answer for this disgrace and for many others.

Dr. Mitchell founded the Institute of Noetic Sciences because he had a great personal interest in the concept of consciousness. His most cherished project was Quantrek. He dreamed of raising very substantial funding so that leading quantum scientists around the world could research the origin of consciousness and other issues such as zero-point energy. That funding never came – an outcome very likely resulting from Edgar’s truth advocacy efforts on the ET issue.

In private discussions Dr. Mitchell told PRG he very much wanted the truth embargo to end. He spoke at two of PRG’s X-Conferences and at the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure. He said, “Steve, let’s break this thing open.”

Dr. Edgar Mitchell, like many others, did not live to witness Disclosure. There me be some in the Pentagon and the CIA and elsewhere who think their truth embargo will outlive everyone who can challenge it – the witnesses and researchers.

They are profoundly mistaken.

Betsy McDonald

February 4, 2016
Stephen Bassett



In April of 2005 PRG held its second X-Conference at the Hilton Hotel in Gaithersburg, Maryland. There was an awards ceremony at the Saturday evening banquet at which time PRG gave a postumus Lifetime Achievement Award to Dr. James McDonald. Accepting the award was his widow Betsy McDonald. Betsy also participated in a presentation and was part of the panel Q&A that ended the conference.


James McDonald was a highly respected scientist who studied at the University of Omaha, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and earned his Ph.D at Iowa State University. He taught at the University of Chicago for a year, then in 1953, went to the University of Arizona as a professor of meteorology; he eventually became the head of the Institute of Atmospheric Physics in Tucson, Arizona.

The Southwest was interesting place to live in the 1950’s for many reasons. Moving there would change McDonald’s life forever. In 1954, while driving through the Arizona desert with two meteorologists, he spotted an unidentified flying object that none of the men could identify with established science. This sighting would spur McDonald’s interest in UFOs and by the late 1950’s he was investigating UFO reports in Arizona and consulting with the UFO research group NICAP.

Dr. McDonald would go on to raise the awareness of the UFO issue amongst the scientific community, which he did with relentless detail. He was driven, but also had a wife, six children and a job. He literally led two lives as he pursued a full professional career while traveling the country investigating and lecturing on UFO phenomena. He brought the issue directly to the scientific community with hundreds of presentations.  He believed the issue could be resolved with the application of disciplined and rigorous science. He almost succeeded.

From 1954 until 1968 Dr. McDonald posed a significant threat to the government imposed truth embargo. He was a truth seeker running into a wind that grew in strength with each passing year. He was surveilled and sometimes harassed. He was, of course, a target of ridicule from the uninformed or government cutouts, and all this came to a head when he testified at the last congressional hearing on the extraterrestrial presence issue in July of 1968 before the House Committee on Science and Astronautics. 

At the hearing members of the House Committee, in what was very likely planned in advance, went out of their way to humiliate Dr. McDonald, which helped to further shatter his faith in his government and drain his energy to continue the work. 

The path he had chosen put a terrible strain on his marriage. In March of 1971 his wife Betsy asked for a divorce. She had found solace in another man. A month later after secretly putting his affairs in order, McDonald shot himself in the head. He was 51.

In one of the great ironies in the history of science, this man who tried so hard to see the truth for all of us, failed in the attempt but was left blind. For two months he was confined to a wheel chair, and with his wife by his side, eventually recovered a bit of peripheral vision. 

On June 13, 1971 – twenty-four years after Roswell and twenty years before the end of the Cold War and the beginning of the Disclosure movement – Dr. McDonald secretly left the hospital, took a taxi to a quiet place outside of Tucson and shot himself one last time.

We know this mostly due to the work of Ann Druffel and her extraordinary book Firestorm: Dr. James E. McDonald’s Fight for UFO Science. This book has had more than one screenplay option and will most certainly become a major motion picture in the post-Disclosure era.

Betsy McDonald did not divorce her husband, never remarried, and did her best to keep his legacy in tact. She provided her testimony and her husband’s files to Druffel. She came to Gaithersburg, MD in 2005 and accepted his only lifetime achievement award. She spoke of his life to the audience.

Betsy died on December 7, 2015 in Tucson. She was 95. She lived a full life and gave life to six children, six grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. But like her husband and so many others, she did not live to see the end of the truth embargo and the full vindication of his life’s work. 

Perhaps there are some in government who believe they can withhold the truth from the American people until all who supported or fought against the truth embargo are gone – including themselves. They are mistaken and will soon either speak truth to power or cower in their homes and offices while others speak for them. The truth embargo is no longer justified as a matter of national security. It has become an abomination, and it must end.

[Some of the above is quoted from the Wikipedia entry.]

Status: PRG Political Initiative

December 21, 2015
Stephen Bassett

There is only one outcome to the congressional/political initiative currently underway that would constitute success – Disclosure. By that measure the truth advocacy movement has not yet achieved its goal. So we press on. There has been progress. Here is what has been accomplished in 2015.

Via email, fax and 2.5 million Twitter messages, every congressional office, the presidential candidates and 400 reporters, editors and producers have been made aware of the need for new hearings on the extraterrestrial presence issue. The 180+ members of the six targeted congressional committees have received information regarding the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure and much more. All have received requests to meet with PRG, and meetings have taken place with both House and Senate staff.

Congressional offices and political media have also been made aware of two important areas of testimony – nuclear weapons tampering and the Rockefeller Initiative.*

The Disclosure movement has received unprecedented political coverage. PRG has done over 80 media interviews in 2015. The Rockefeller Initiative was appropriately covered and finally referred to by name by the political media twenty-two years after it began. First to do this was Jennifer Harper, Washington Times on February 15. This was followed by Eric Pfieffer, Ryot.org on February 17; Warren Rojas, Roll Call on February 23; A. J. Vicens, Mother Jones on April 3; Robin Seemangal, New York Observer on September 16; and Ben Terris, Washington Post on December 11.

Of particular note is Secretary Clinton, John Podesta, Governor Bill Richardson and others have been queried by reporters regarding the Rockefeller Initiative for the first time. In all cases they have refused to respond. Reporters don’t like that.

The ongoing political initiative, coupled with the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure has triggered a complex and sometimes bizarre dialogue by other means with the Clinton campaign, including President Obama. Twitter messages by Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta and questions asked during appearances on late night talk shows by Presidents Clinton and Obama are difficult to explain outside the context of internal concern and awareness of the political engagement underway.

All of which is to say that even amidst the media focus on terrorism at home and abroad and the seemingly endless presidential campaign, the Disclosure advocacy movement has gotten the attention of the “powers that be.”

And the first presidential primary is still seven weeks away.

First on PRG’s agenda for 2016 is meeting with and delivering paper sets of the Rockefeller Initiative documents to the six congressional committees and securing interviews on network/cable news venues.

* Effort by Laurance Rockefeller (1993-1996) to convince the Clinton administration to release all UFO related documents in government files to the public and grant amnesty to government witnesses who might come forward with information.


When Will Disclosure Happen?

June 19, 2014
Stephen Bassett


Not surprisingly, the question most ask of me is “when will Disclosure happen?”.  There have been windows of opportunity, which I have pointed out and attempted to capitalize on. Some people have predicted the actual date – always a mistake. No one knows when Disclosure will occur. But the question is asked, and for a number of years my answer has been consistent: Disclosure is inevitable and soon, but will it be soon enough?

It is the “soon enough” aspect of this answer some struggle to understand.

My father served in the Navy during WWII. He was at Quadalcanal among other places of note. I don’t believe he killed anyone, he was a medic. But he saw things, things he never talked about when he returned. Many a father and son became estranged because dad couldn’t talk about the most profound experience in his life, or for that matter, much else.

WWII ended with the firebombing of Japanese cities and the nuclear bombing of two more cities leading to a quick surrender. My father was released through Australia to return to America and conceive one more baby boomer, one more nuclear child, one more potential recruit for the next confllict.

The dogs of war have been chasing the human race down through history for at least eight thousand years. There have been 250 wars just since 1900 generating 80 million war casualties and hundreds of millions of refugees. (Note: the world refugee count recently reached 50 million for the first time since WWII.)

Each war sets the stage for the next. WWII prefaced wars in Korea and Vietnam among many others, and of course, WWIII. The end game was at hand. Humans had finally created weapons that could destroy it all – people, infrastructure, even the biosphere. WWIII would be the crowning achievement of the human race’s love affair with weapons and violence.

But, alas, WWIII became the Cold War. Humans caught a break. Of even greater import, at exactly the same time a pending WWIII morphed into the Cold War it began to rain extraterrestrials around the world.

Apparently the dogs of war were not the only creatures following humans down through the millennia

When the Cold War ended half way through the presidential term of George H. W. Bush, the door to Disclosure opened. From the perspective of the military/intelligence community, Bush would have been the perfect “Disclosure President.”  However, there was a war underway – the Gulf War – giving logic to holding off until Bush’s second term. That second term never came and the door closed

Nine years later the Disclosure advocacy movement was making headway and one hundred media assembled in the ballroom of the National Press Club to be introduced to the testimony of scores of military/agency/political witnesses to events and evidence confirming an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race. The May 9, 2001 press conference produced by the Disclosure Project was a milestone event. The door opened again.

Four months later almost to the day a massive attack took place in New York and Washington, DC. The dogs of war were loose again, a new war with more to follow was a month away, and the door closed.

Twelve years later forty witnesses from ten countries testified in that same ballroom for thirty hours over five days before six former member of the United States Congress. This was not a press conference, it was a citizen hearing, and it was filmed and webcast. The 2013 Citizen Hearing on Disclosure was an unprecedented event, and the door to Disclosure opened again.

The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure was designed and intended to be the prelude to a Congressional Hearing Initiative leading to congressional hearings and the end of the truth embargo “soon enough.”  For this reason the delays that developed after the CHD were painful and concerning for good reason.

As the November launch of the Congressional Hearing Initiative approaches the dogs of war are sniffing new meat and gathering for the next wars. And so it goes.

The global human societal presence is just one coronal mass ejection event, one massive ebola outbreak, one nuclear weapons miscalculation, one global financial meltdown away from chaos. And all this while the biosphere strains under a growing assault on its fundamental structure and balance.

Ultimately the proliferation of nuclear and bio weapons materials and technology unchecked by paradigm change only leads to one outcome – the end of human civilization.

Those who think extraterrestrials will messianically intervene and prevent this outcome without Disclosure first are rolling the existential dice

The CHI will go forward – wars or no wars. We are running out of time.

PRG invites all who understand this dynamic to step forward and support the Congressional Hearing Initiative – now – while it is still “soon enough.”

Generoso Pope, Jr. and the Truth Embargo

January 20, 2014

Generoso Pope, Jr. (1927-1988) was a highly intelligent man whostudied at the Horace Mann School and graduated from MIT at 19. He was the son of an Italian-American newspaper magnate and took over the management of his father’s newspapers in 1948.

In mid-1950 – three years after the events at Roswell, NM – Generoso Pope, Jr. began a year with the psychological warfare section of the CIA. He was 24 years of age. His father had recently passed that April.

In 1952 – the year of the famous July sightings over the nation’s capitol – Mr. Pope bought the New York Enquirer for $75,000 (about $700,000 in 2013 dollars).

In 1954 – a year after the Robertson Panel delivered its report to President Eisenhower – Pope, Jr. converted the newspaper to a tabloid and renamed it The National Enquirer.

From 1954 to 1966 The National Enquirer sold only on newsstands and in drugstores and focused on sex, violence and other salacious material. It’s circulation increased to 1 million.

In 1967, at a time when the U.S. government was initiating a complex process to rid itself of the public’s irritating interest in the UFO phenomenon, Pope, Jr. revamped The National Enquirer, moved aggressively to place it in grocery stores across the country, and added frequent UFO stories to the content. Photos and graphics promoting questionable UFO stories were featured on the covers of the tabloid and seen millions of times by U. S. citizens.

In 1979, shortly after Stanton Friedman met and began researching the testimony of retired army intelligence officer Major Jesse Marcel, Sr., Pope, Jr. launched the Weekly World News in all the grocery stores carrying The National Enquirer. For the next 28 years Americans going to buy groceries were treated to the likes of these stories:


The Weekly Word News became a legend for making everything up while posing as tabloid news. From 1979 through the end of the Cold War, the Clinton Administration, and well into the Bush administration the WWN sat next to The National Enquirer taking over the ET disinfo heavy lifting. While not all Americans have a degree in quantum mechanics, or for that matter finished high school, in time few did not know the WWN was simply nonsense.

It closed down in 2007 and went to live as parody on the Internet. Pope, Jr. died in 1988 a multi-millionaire having served his country well, or at least the CIA well. The Truth Embargo had made it through the Cold War intact. The disinformation division of the Truth Embargo moved on to the Internet working under different parameters. How many websites the CIA and other agencies control may never be known.

The Truth Embargo has lasted because, like the Pyramids of Giza, it is built with thousands of well crafted blocks fit tightly together. It is a master work that will soon be as inert as those pyramids. This because, unlike newspapers in racks at checkout counters, the Internet provides the citizen receiver as much power as it provides the disinformer. It is self cleansing with a living immune system to counter the manipulations of the state.

When the Truth Embargo does end with Disclosure, the public will have many decisions to make, not the least of which is, “Do we want this to ever happen again?”

Stephen Bassett
PRG Executive Director

Disclosure & Contactees

December 5, 2013
Stephen Bassett

At the very center of the extraterrestrial engagement of the human race are the “contactees” – citizens having direct contact with extraterrestrials.*  Their numbers may prove to be astoundingly large. They have had to deal with their experience with no support whatsoever from their government, and until recently, little or no support from family, friends or their community. They include members of every race, religion and social strata, which means there are contactees amongst government officials, military officers, intelligence agency personnel, college professors, scientists, and even members of Congress or their staff.  

Over the past thirty years hundreds of thousands of contactees have come forward with accounts of thier experiences. Most of these were in writing sent privately to researchers.  Others have become very public. Not surprisingly, those of the highest rank and station in government, science, politics, sports and entertainment are much less likely to “come out of the closet.”  Too much to risk. That dichotomy is slowly changing.

The contact phenomenon is THE most powerful and important component of the extraterrestrial engagement. It will pose a huge problem for all governments post-Disclosure.  That said, PRG has chosen to keep this aspect of the ET reality in the background as it pushes for Disclosure. What is sought by the Disclosure movement is the acknowledgement of the extraterrestrial presence. The details of that presence will be sorted out in the post-Disclosure world to follow.

PRG executive director Stephen Bassett’s decision to take on the ET issue was greatly influenced by Dr. John E. Mack and his book Abduction: Human Encounters with AliensHe began his journey at Dr. Mack’s Program for Extraordinary Experience Research in Cambridge, MA.  

Contactees around the world have been the unsung interface between two worlds.  They have had to carry that burden alone abandoned by their own government. PRG’s advocacy work is and always has been dedicated to resolving that circumstance so their burden can be shared by all seven billion humans on this planet. 

* There is not yet a consensus on the terminology for this component of the phenomena.  PRG chooses to use “contactee” as the umbrella term covering all the types of contact being reported. This would include unrequested, forced removal – abductees; requested contact; simple encounters; communication via the mind only – channelling; and other less common modalities.  

Disclosure and the State of the Union

October 29, 2013
Stephen Bassett

In the past I have steadfastly avoided straying too far from the core issues of the ET truth embargo and government abuse of secrecy.  I am going to make an exception with this commentary. At the end of this non-partisan essay you will find out why.

The recent debacle in Washington, DC over the budget and debt ceiling is only one of many indicators the body politic is suffering from multiple organ failure. Nations, empires, kingdoms – they die the same way people do. No society is perfect, no person is perfectly healthy. Both can withstand the odd dysfunction (illness).  When the illness spreads and becomes multiple organ failure the person (society) dies or is enfeebled.

It happened to the Sun-never-sets-on-the-British Empire. The Soviet Union was able to sustain multiple system dysfunction well past its shelf life by sheer force of raw suppression, but inevitably blew up into fifteen republics (mercifully without too much violence).  And, of course, there is the famous and extensively studied collapse of the Roman Empire. What took several hundred years in the time of Rome now can be accomplished in a few decades.

That said, it still takes years to achieve the state of affairs in which the U. S. now finds itself. Time enough for too many citizens to not see the process of failure unfold. Not anymore. Eventually the suffering person realizes they are terminally ill. The American people, thanks in large part to the power of the Internet, are now quite aware their vaunted society is coming apart at the seams.  Let’s review.

— The two-party political system by virtue of bad law, bad judicial decisions and pure greed for money and power has frozen into a block of ice  (“Some say the world will end in fire……”).  New ideas are strangled in their crib. New political parties are throttled.  Independent candidates crippled.

— The American education system is slowly imploding with U. S. students collectively falling further behind other nations in every category.

— The American health care system, while satisfactory for the very wealthy, is collectively one of the worst in the developed, industrialized world.  It is helping to destroy the middle class – the primary engine of social stability. Health issues are the leading cause of personal bankruptcy.

— The massive U.S. military spending – not long ago greater than all other nations in the world combined – guarantees that fiscal balance and adequate funding in support of the human condition will not be possible.

— Along with war spending, massive entitlement commitments made without any effort to control that war spending going back to 1960 now place the nation in immediate debt of $17 trillion dollars with an almost incomprehensible long term exposure of $80 to $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities.

— Economic recovery after the 2008/2009 greatest train robbery is a temporary illusion created by an enormous “printing” of $trillions of new money that will eventually lead to inflation.

— The investment and standard banking industries have bought politicians to pass laws that have allowed a massive shift of wealth to the upper class and stripping the middle class of pensions, jobs, home values, and home ownership. Virtually no one is held criminally accountable for this.  Eventual fines are trivial.

— Behind the confiscation of middle class assets by the investment banking abuses is the exposure to derivatives (casino debt). Some experts claim this exposure is over $200 trillion. If you’re counting, that’s over $300 trillion in risk exposure for the U. S. society.

Voting systems in the U. S. are an antiquated joke with voter turnout one of the lowest in the developed world. This is made worse by a venal policy of one of the political parties to suppress voter turnout in every way possible that would undermine the other political party.

— The very infrastructure of the nation – roads, bridges, dams, waterways, power grids, sewers – are falling apart with little funds to fix. $2.5 trillion of investment is needed by 2020.  Half baked efforts and illusionary promises are put forward that few believe sufficient.

— American international influence, trust levels and esteem are declining under a plethora of terrible policies, brutal war measures and outright stupidity.

— American political institutions, particularly the U. S. Congress, have fallen to record levels of disapproval, and distrust in government has polarized the nation making common sense policies next to impossible.

— The U. S. dollar, the cornerstone of American financial power, is being circled by a number of nations quite willing to replace or diminish it for their own benefit. The U. S. literally submits to this process with profoundly destructive financial decisions year after year. Loss of reserve currency status all or in part would trigger significant inflation.

— American manufacturing jobs are disappearing by being shoved off shore or replaced by low paying service jobs at minimum wage.

— The gap between the rich and poor grows and the American middle class is diminished.  This is a recipe for violence and disorder in the most heavily armed nation in the world.

— The criminal system is antiquated, extraordinarily expensive and hamstrung by absurd laws which have created the highest level of incarceration in the world.

—  Perhaps well intention legislative and judicial blunders resulted in the granting of “personhood” status to corporations leading to a destructive shift of power away from actual persons (citizens) and a wholesale corruption of the election process in the United States at all levels.

— A fossil fuel based energy industry has bought politicians in order to get away with monopolizing energy production, fixing prices, misrepresenting both held and potential reserves, not building new refineries and pushing exploitation of more dangerous extraction modalities such as tar sands, shale and fracking.   In other words, utilize every trick to drive the price of energy higher at the nation’s expense. Meanwhile, government and corporate entities have been buying up and suppressing competing energy patents, intimidating inventors and confiscating competing technology under national security imprimatur.  All this while fossil fuels are contaminating U.S. air, rivers, soils and ground water and bringing premature death to millions.

— The food industry is being taken over by a consortium of companies led by Monsanto that intend to own a re-engineered food and seed supply designed to force the use of their own pesticides in mass quantities.  Few things are more representative of the concept of system failure than the losses in the honey bee population (Colony Collapse Disorder). Growing evidence connects CCD to the actions of companies like Monsanto, easily the most dangerous corporation in the world today. The environmental impact will be devastating. The government does nothing. Huge corporate spending thwarts citizen activism.

—  Lastly, a secret empire was built to service the $10+ trillion (in adjusted dollars) Cold War (acknowledged) and address the presence of extraterrestrials (non-human intelligence) engaging the planet (not acknowledged). This “empire” has become a world unto itself with a low opinion (perhaps justifiable) of politicians meaning senators, congresspersons, the president and their staff. Just yesterday the White House indicated the NSA had not informed the President about the surveillance of foreign heads of state’s phone calls.  This empire is vast, out of control and in dire need of overhaul and reform.

Read enough? It’s a partial list, but the point is made.

Why am I telling you this?

The children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of the baby boomers are more likely to inherit a greatly diminished rather than a viable society moving forward unless something very powerful, very profound intervenes to short circuit the multitude of current trends leading to the emasculation of America.

What could possibly be sufficiently powerful to alter the world view of political institutions, corporations, and 300+ million people overnight and open the door to multi-system reform? The usual candidate is a war equal to the magnitude of distress. The last version of that scenario was WWII. Sadly any war worthy of the present dilemma would destroy the world itself. What does that leave?

Disclosure.  Every day the citizens of Earth are denied the truth they are not alone in the galaxy as sentient life, that a vast new world awaits them when that truth is out in the open – a world where once again all things are possible –  is one more day closer to the end of the American Dream – the 21st Century nightmare study after study projects.

Disclosure will be the most profound event in human history. It is inevitable, but will it be soon enough? All who have a basic understanding of this have a decision to make.  Stand up and support the Disclosure advocacy movement or stand down and hope for the best.

PRG Congressional Hearing Initiative and Congress

October 3, 2013
Stephen Bassett

In July of 1996 I registered as a lobbyist with the House and Senate in order to engage their members regarding the extraterrestrial issue and the truth embargo. The Disclosure advocacy movement was nascent (the term was not even in use yet), the little known Rockefeller Initiative targeting the Clinton administration was winding down, Art Bell was about to make a critical decision he would allow political discussions of the ET/UFO issue on his show (he hated politics in general) and the government was about to launch a counter offensive to block the advocacy movement that would get nasty.

Congressional approval from the American people was running around 40% – not great but not awful.  The economy was excellent and growing. All good. However, the willingness of members of Congress to publicly, even privately, engage the UFO/ET issues was almost zero.  The only example circa 1996 of such an engagement was the courageous effort by lone Congressman Steven Schiff of New Mexico.  It did not go well for Congressman Schiff who died while in office shortly after going public with his concerns about government handling of the Roswell records and the Roswell events in general.

Dealing with Congress in those years was effectively the equivalent of bouncing a ping pong ball off a brick wall.  For this reason I redirected PRG’s lobbying efforts toward the political media, which has always had the power to end the ET truth embargo by simply doing their job.

Since 1996 both private and public efforts to draw Congress into the issue via congressional hearings have failed. Congress remained a brick wall. Why then is PRG heading back to Capitol Hill to again press for the first congressional hearing on the extraterrestrial evidence since 1968? There are two key reasons.

Following the events of September 11, 2001 the congressional approval rating had risen to an extraordinary 84% at which time began the most profound drop in congressional status in history. In a span of twelve years congressional approval dropped to 10% as of this PRG Update.  This is unprecedented. As the Gallup polling data below show, Congress has had its low points, but never such a collapse in approval.

If you are a member of Congress with an approval rating of 84%, you have no motivation to do anything to risk your status.  Life is good, no courage required, nowhere to go but down.  But when you are a member of the current Congress you have nowhere to go but up.  This most dysfunctional of American institutions desperately needs an issue that is both profoundly important and essentially non-partisan.  Ending the truth embargo is that issue.

Which raises the second key factor. How to get Congress’s attention? Never has the truth advocacy movement had an entrée like the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure. Sitting congressional members can watch former colleagues react to 30 hours of testimony over 5 days from researchers and government/agency/political witnesses in a setting designed to look like a congressional hearing.

The CHD is the key to the door.  Combined with the level of public awareness of the ET issues circa 2013, it may be the key to Disclosure.

Exopolitics: The ET Ticket

June 15, 2007
Stephen Bassett

Washington, DC – In case you hadn’t noticed there is a presidential campaign underway. It started rather early for two reasons: 1) the current president has fallen so low in popularity and esteem the Republican candidates had to begin campaigning early to create distance from the administration and overcome an overwhelming lead by the Democrats, and 2) the Democrats are so sure they have the presidential election sewed up, everyone including the office manager at the DNC is running for president. More candidates on both sides are in the wings ready to jump on stage. It’s beginning to look like the draw for the U.S. Open.

Meanwhile, various states, i.e. Florida, in piques of adolescent indulgence are moving their primaries up on the calendar in order to “be more relevant.” The absurdly stretched out primary season will help make the 2008 federal election the most expensive in all of recorded history breaking the previous record of $3.9 billion in 2004.

Does anyone believe they’ve gotten $3.9 billion dollars worth of new leadership skills since January of 2005?

Since it is my job to religiously watch every cable news channel so you don’t have to, I had the pleasure of viewing all of the “presidential debates” on CNN, MSNBC and Fox. It is difficult to find the right words to properly express how insipid, pointless, contrived, superficial, evasive, and irrelevant were these debates.  (Maybe it isn’t difficult.)

And so we begin another journey in the democratic process leading to the 44th President of the United States and the 110th Congress. If the electorate maintains their recent enthusiasm, they will vote at a rate of 60% of the voting eligible population. This was a strong turnout by U. S. standards. (40% of the voting eligible population turned out in the 2006 midterm – also strong by U. S. standards.)  By contrast the voter eligible turnout for the French 2007 election was 84%. In Australia, one of a number of first-world countries with compulsory voting laws, turnout runs around 95%.

I could list here the critically important issues, national and international, the two dozen two-party candidates will assiduously avoid throughout the campaign right up until taking the oath of office, but I won’t – not enough space. So let’s focus on one – the exopolitical issue of the government imposed truth embargo on the facts confirming an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.

A simple question: without consideration for partisan perspective, what pair of candidates in either party would be the most favorable to the Disclosure process leading to a formal acknowledgement of the extraterrestrial presence by the U. S. government?

As it happens, that pairing – the ET Ticket – is also the most likely ticket to emerge from the milieu of combinations of candidates. It is Hillary Clinton and Bill Richardson. No other combination is a close second.

Let’s begin with Bill Richardson. He has been in the race for some time but did not formally announce his candidacy until May 21 at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles. He is the first Hispanic Democrat to run for the presidency. While his name recognition is well below that of Clinton or Obama, Richardson is often called the most qualified Democratic candidate by virtue of experience. He served 14 years in the House of Representatives, one year as Ambassador to the United Nations and two years as Secretary of Energy. He then became a successful governor for the past four and a half years. Along the way this trilingual son of a Mexican mother and American father participated in numerous foreign missions of every type and has visited scores of nations in one capacity or another.   He is well known as one of the most likable figures in American politics with good friends in both parties.

That said, it should be added that Bill Richardson is not going to be the next president – wrong state at the wrong time for the top of the ticket and others are ahead of him in line. He has been running all along for the second spot and the legacy of the first Hispanic Vice President. He would be an ideal running mate for any of the east-of-the-Mississippi candidates (the rest of the field save for Gravel) and could deliver several key western states.

Not much needs to be elucidated here regarding Hillary Clinton’s candidacy. She is the front runner, has nearly 100% name recognition, has raised the most money and will likely be the presidential nominee. And oh yes, she is a Democrat at a time when the Republican Party is undergoing something between systemic collapse and self-immolation.

If you apply the usual political calculus, it is not difficult to determine that the best pairing for Richardson’s strong VP presence is Hillary Clinton.Take Clinton/Richardson in the office pool and plan how to spend the extra cash.

So much for the likely ticket. Why the ET ticket? Now it gets interesting.

From March of 1993 to mid-1996 billionaire Laurance Rockefeller made a formal approach to the Clinton administration to do what Jimmy Carter promised to do in 1976 but failed – release the government documents regarding extraterrestrial-related phenomena and essentially end the truth embargo. This effort now referred to as the Rockefeller Initiative was run through the Executive based Office of Science and Technology Policy headed by Dr. John Gibbons. Watching from close by but not directly participating were President Clinton, his senior aide John Podesta and Hillary Clinton. Significantly, both Bill and Hillary Clinton visited Rockefeller’s JY Ranch near Jackson Hole, Wyoming in 1994 and 1995 while the Initiative was still underway. It is assumed they discussed Laurance’s intentions privately.

It was during this period that President Clinton asked his close friend and Associate Attorney General, Webster Hubbell, to inquire about the UFO question at the Justice Department and elsewhere.  Hubbell described this effort in his book Friends in High Places.  Clinton would later make occasional public references to Roswell and UFO’s.

John Podesta went on to become Clinton’s Chief of Staff in the second term. Then in 2002 and 2003 Podesta gave the opening remarks at two press conferences held by the Coalition for Freedom of Information at the National Press Club.  His remarks included these statements:

“I think it’s time to open the books on questions that have remained in the dark on the question of government investigations of UFOs……………..We ought to do it because . . . the American people quite frankly can handle the truth, and we ought to do it because it’s the law.”

“It is time for the government to declassify records that are more than 25 years old and to provide scientists with data that will assist in determining the real nature of this phenomenon.”

Podesta then went on to found the progressive think tank, The Center for American Progress, and remains a major theorist within the Democratic Party.

Hillary Clinton, of course, became the Junior Senator from New York and the front runner for her party’s nomination.It is inconceivable, given the events described above, she has not come to some conclusions with regard to the validity of the extraterrestrial issue.

Bill Richardson knew he was going to run for a place on the Democratic ticket some time ago. Even with that, he wrote for posterity the following in a foreword to the Roswell Dig Diaries published in 2004:

“the mystery surrounding this crash (at Roswell) has never been adequately explained – not by independent investigators, and not by the U.S. government.”

“It would help everyone if the U.S. government disclosed everything it knows. With full disclosure and our best scientific investigation, we should be able to find out what happened on that fateful day in July of 1947. The American people can handle the truth no matter how bizarre or mundane, and contrary to what you see in the movies.”

Even those who do not watch the political scene closely might be astounded that a candidate-to-be for president would dare write those words, which essentially contradict the government’s stated policy of many years on perhaps the most controversial issue in the world.

For those who do closely follow politics it is absolutely unfathomable.

Even more intriguing is this: at a time when partisan politics is as vicious as many can recall and every opportunity to bring down an opponent, within or without one’s party, is taken with relish, John Podesta and Bill Richardson are completely untouched regarding their provocative statements relating to Roswell and extraterrestrial-related phenomena. This cannot be explained under the current political rules of engagement. Apparently the rules have changed.

Are the Democrats planning a Disclosure event in the early months of 2009 should they win the White House? Are Republicans sufficiently aware of a pending Disclosure event to refrain from attacking Richardson and Podesta on this issue in fear of consequences if the truth comes out?

If Clinton and Richardson become the nominees in 2008, these questions will take on new relevancy.

In the meantime will even one in the multitude of candidates have the courage to utter the taboo word “extraterrestrial” as they seek the most powerful office in the world?  That’s up to you.  Given the campaign still has many months to go, there is plenty of time to find out what they think on the matter. You just have to ask.


Relevant Web Links:

Clinton’s at the JY Ranch:   http://tinyurl.com/35rg4b
John Podesta at the National Press Club:   http://tinyurl.com/yr8nw7
Roswell Dig Diaries http://tinyurl.com/28bosp
Friends in High Places
: http://tinyurl.com/yqsvnl

Exopolitics: UFO RIP

October 21, 2006
Stephen Bassett

Function: noun plural but singular or plural in construction
Etymology: From Greek exo, outside, from ex, out of, and from Greek politika, from neuter plural of politikos political.

1:the art or science of government as concerned with guiding or influencing governmental policy toward extraterrestrial phenomena and extraterrestrial beings.
exopolitical actions, practices, or policies.
the exopolitical opinions or sympathies of a person.
the total complex of relations between the human race and non-human, intelligent beings.

Bethesda, MD USA – In Alexandria, Virginia there is a place called Gravelly Point Park. It’s not much of a park, but quite the place. It is known throughout the region because it sits a mere 1000 feet from the north end of runway 1/19 at Reagan National Airport. Bicyclists pull off the Mount Vernon Trail and tourists pull off the George Washington Parkway to watch the planes land and take off – a longstanding pastime uninterrupted (remarkably) by the events of September 11, 2001.

Landing planes fly over this grassy patch so low you can see the tread on the tires. Wind direction permitting, planes taking off will rattle the fillings in your teeth. During the day the park is never empty. It’s addictive.

This author has been there many times and remembers one perfectly clear day during the summer of 1992. As the planes passed overhead this thought came to mind: while the destination of the plane was known, the Washington, DC metro area, the point of origin was not known. Neither was it known how many people were on board, if any – it could be remote controlled – nor their names, reasons for coming, home towns, hopes and dreams. And depending upon the viewing angle, it might not be possible to even know the airline.

With so much missing information one might be tempted to say, “What we have here is an unidentified flying object, a UFO.”  But that would be ridiculous, wouldn’t it?  What we had there was an airplane almost certainly containing human beings coming to the Washington, DC area for one reason or another.

Perhaps you see where this is going for the very next thought that came to mind was this: during the five decades since 1942 millions of people around the world had been seeing unusual objects moving in the earth’s atmosphere. Tens of thousands of reports had been filed. The objects had been photographed, filmed, recorded on radar and sighted by trained observers – sometimes all four at once. They had been seen in the air and stationary on the ground. They had been seen traveling and maneuvering at seemingly impossible fashion for the historical period. They had been seen by pilots off the wings and cockpits of planes – fully formed metallic looking discs. They had been seen by Army, Air Force, Naval and Coast Guard personnel; air traffic controllers, astronauts, police officers, amateur astronomers, doctors, lawyers, political leaders and scientists.

Documents referring to these craft had been discovered in government files, delivered anonymously to researchers and formally released by government authorities without prompting – not just in the United States, but in most developed nations. Systematic investigations had been conducted by civilian and government organizations over the entire fifty years. Nearly 10,000 books, papers, articles and documentary films had been published specifically addressing this phenomenon. Reports have poured into researchers (their numbers would eventually swell to the hundreds of thousands) of direct contact with beings, clearly not human, who could well be the occupants of some of these craft.

When one of these “objects” would pass overhead or close track a plane in flight the destination could properly be assumed to be the planet Earth, but the point of origin was not known. It was also not known whether the object contained humans, non-humans or no beings at all (remote controlled). If containing beings, their names, reasons for coming, hopes, dreams, etc. were also not known. With so much missing information it would be appropriate to call the “object” an unidentified flying object – a UFO – wouldn’t it?  No, it wouldn’t. It would be appropriate to call it an alien or extraterrestrial space craft, most likely piloted by non-human beings, origin Earth, reasons for presence unknown. This was on this author’s mind in the summer of ’92.

Paradigm Research Group was founded four years later, but it was not until 2000 the implication of those thoughts in 1992 became manifest. The implication was that the era of the “UFO” was over and a new era had begun – the era of exopolitics.

The partitioning of history when dealing with large scale, implicative trends is usually done in retrospect. There is no shame in this, but there is often an arbitrary aspect to assigning the time frames. That is done by consensus of historians, but being early has its advantage. Here is the early line: the UFO era ended and the exopolitical era began in late 1991 with the dissolution of the Soviet Union into Russia and 14 other post-Soviet states.

The short answer as to “why this demarcation?” is this: 1) by 1991 the evidence that had been gathered and analyzed establishing some sightings as extraterrestrial craft was overwhelming. The researchers had done their job in the face of great resistance by the state. The verdict was in. (The government’s refusal to accept this result was irrelevant to this conclusion but entirely relevant to the truth embargo and propaganda campaign waged by the government to negate and subvert this conclusion.), and 2) the end of the Cold War removed the single most powerful restraint keeping military, agency and civilian contractor insiders from revealing personal, direct and indirect knowledge of events and evidence corroborating the extraterrestrial hypothesis behind the sightings. The gradual emergence of these insiders into the public domain gave the disclosure process substance.

Understanding this transition is critical for anyone wishing to impact impending events. Given that “exopolitics” is not yet listed in any standard dictionary or encyclopedia (it is listed in Wiktionary, Webster’s Open Dictionary and Wikipedia), it is not surprising there is much misunderstanding over scope and usage. The primary misconception is that “exopolitics” only deals with “galactic diplomacy,” how humans should politically engage theoretical or asserted alien beings. Whatever the assertion of facts, this is but one aspect of exopolitics. It is the icing for a cake that is still in the oven.

Exopolitics covers all social and political implications of the engagement of extraterrestrial-related phenomena by humans since the phenomena were first recognized. This will likely be split into two parts: the modern era beginning in the 1940’s and the pre-modern era going back to earliest recorded times. [The pre-modern era will perhaps be subsumed under the broader umbrella of exohistory – the study of non-terrestrial influences on human history.]

Thus, exopolitics includes the full history of the government truth embargo (cover-up) and the national security structures created to manage the research, the actions or lack thereof of the public and institutions such as the press, Congress and academia, and most importantly, the disclosure process itself.

It is a large field of study. It will fill scores of books and documentaries and spawn PhD theses for centuries. In time it will be subsumed into the larger field of political science. A student will major in political science with an emphasis on exopolitics.

By comparison the phenomenological, scientific aspects of the phenomena will be dispersed into departments such as exobiology, cosmology, physics, astrophysics (already established) and yet to be established fields such as exoarcheology, exomedicine and exoscience (the study of the practice of science by extraterrestrials).

All of this sounds so fascinating and fun and academic, doesn’t it?  Well, two out of three will have to do, since it is anything but fun.

Formal disclosure will be a cosmic birthing of a new world view, and the human race has now been in labor for 60 years without an epidural. The screaming can be heard from pole to pole and out to the Kuiper Belt. A significant subject for exopolitical study is to describe the state of the world at the moment of this birthing. What is the condition of the planet and what is the disposition of the species – the variety and depth to the spirituality, science, politics, philosophy, psychology and mental capacity of Homo Sapiens Sapiens – as formal self-disclosure unfolds?

The short answer is “not good.” Many Durantian attempts will be made to explain all this in multi-volume sets. Let’s confine ourselves to two perspectives with immediate implications.


“When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.”

 Apostle Paul, 1 Corinthians 13:11

By virtue of its military and economic power, its prevailing in the Cold War and its success in building the vast superstructure of secret operations this author has often referred to as the Secret Empire, the United States still appears to have the final say as to when and if formal disclosure takes place, and, if the decision to proceed is made, play the lead role in what will surely be the “greatest show on earth.”

But what is the state of the nation as the actor prepares to take the stage? So much has happened to the people and institutions of the United States since the 1945 signing of surrender by Japan, one hesitates to pick one trend and drag it out for close scrutiny, but one trend begs for such treatment, cries out for explanation and adjustment.

Immediately after World War II the United States was a major economic, political and moral force for good in the world. The American people had demonstrated an almost superhuman capacity to manufacture, deliver and maintain a war machine never witnessed in human history. The nation’s postwar treatment of the defeated enemies was so extraordinarily generous in its intent, so effective in its application, it eclipsed the horror of the nuclear bombings.

The American people were viewed as capable, caring, fearless, generous, patriotic, family oriented, church going, honest and optimistic. They were in love with their country, and trust in government institutions was rock solid.

And then it all began to go wrong. Beginning in late 1947 for reasons well known and less well known the United States embarked on the creation of what would become the Secret Empire – the intelligence wing of a vast national security state complex established for two reasons: 1) wining an ideological cold war against international communism, and 2) understanding, exploiting and secreting the material facts in evidence confirming an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race and the planet Earth.

As the Secret Empire grew in size and scope it began to make alterations to the social contract, bending it to the breaking point. The most serious alteration was to embrace the concept of government in loco parentis – the government as replacement parent for citizens now viewed as children of the state.

This view became a cancerous growth centered in the gut of the Secret Empire which finally metastasized outward into every corner of governance – a glioblastoma multiforme with tentacles reaching into the FBI, ATF, DoJ, DOD, Office of the Executive, Congress, NIH, FDA – only the judiciary remained largely untouched.

The Secret Empire had become larger than the Roman Empire with layer upon layer of management in place before an elected official was even in sight. It now consists of tens of billions of above black (itemized) funding, tens of billions of black (not itemized) funding, additional billions in below black (undisclosed) funding, unknown amounts of rouge funding, millions of classified documents, millions of classified personnel, thousands of classified programs, hundreds of unacknowledged special access programs, huge above ground facilities and equally vast underground facilities.

Within this cloistered megastructure developed a cult of secrecy and unaccountability that placed those who run it above the law and outside societal norms. The secrets of nuclear war, world control mechanisms, extraterrestrial technology, alien beings and such were so profound only the initiated members of the secret world could even bear up under the knowledge. The average citizen would surely go mad, or so it was thought by those holding the secrets.

The public has long sensed this process underway and manifests this awareness by embracing phrases in the popular culture such as “you can’t handle the truth,” “need to know basis,” “don’t ask, don’t tell,” “if I told you that, I’d have to kill you,” and many more. They embrace fictional accounts of the process in books and movies, but are unable to marshal anything approaching an effective societal protest to the process itself.

More significantly, the public’s new status as children to be seen and not heard by a parental state has resulted in unprecedented drops in trust in all aspects of governance. Trust in the executive, the Congress, the judiciary and the press is near historical lows. Only 25% of citizens bother to vote. What does “government by consent of the people’ mean if the people are children and not of age to give consent?

[It should be pointed out the social net (welfare programs) promulgated by democrats and moderate republicans does dovetail into this parental modality. But it arises from a separate ideological source and does not present the same danger to the nation.]

The existence of a Secret Empire contained within a developing national security state operating in loco parentis is now the greatest threat to the preservation of the Constitutional Republic, and the most important exopolitical issue now being considered is whether or not the disclosure event (formal acknowledgment by world governments of the extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race), however achieved, has the power to change the status quo and permit reform of the Secret Empire and reconstitution of the social contract.

The era of the UFO which ended in 1991 was about “lights in the sky.” The era of exopolitics which followed is about “lies on the ground.” It is about the intersection between the phenomenology and the politics of secrecy and control. When Bob Woodward published his latest book, State of Denial, he confined the title’s metaphor to the Iraq war and concomitant events. If only he knew (or does he know?) how much further this proffered status extends.


They shipped in people with every kind of background: clerks, professors, classical musicians, tradesmen and lawyers along with their spouses and children.  No rank or station in life was exempt. They packed them into the designated sector four, five six families to an apartment or house. Outside commerce and services were eliminated or rationed. Guard towers were built, and where necessary gated walls were constructed to complete sector integrity. The residents inside would improvise, overcome, adapt or perish. It mattered little to the overseers one way or the other. In time sector life decayed as sanitation, health, resources, all the customary necessities, eroded.

On occasion members of the controlled press would visit and inquire about the sector’s status. The commandant would escort them to viewing ports atop the gated walls.   Together they would look down upon the unkempt residents as they slouched along in ragged clothes with listless demeanor. “Do you see what a mess these people are?” the commandant reflected for the benefit of the press. “That is why we must keep them in this ghetto.”

Excerpted from Secret Empire: Paradigm Shift, Truth Embargo
and the Intellectual Ghettoization of UFOlogy

by Stephen Bassett.  Unpublished.

For many of the thousands of researchers and activists and millions of interested public who engaged the phenomenology of UFOs prior to 1991 the transition out of the UFO era has been uncomfortable and unwelcome. There is considerable resistance to the concept of exopolitics. One source of this resistance lies with a significant component of the delineation between the two eras.

While it is not possible to cover in this short article the full range of issues defining this suggested bifurcation of history, one point of comparison stands out: in the UFO era the ETH (extraterrestrial hypothesis as explanation for the unexplained 5% of extraordinary sightings) was a theory under consideration. In the era of exopolitics post 1991 the ETH is not a theory, it is a given. It was proven by the work of hundreds of researchers over a period of 44 years – an extraordinary accomplishment under great hardship and against state policy.

Those who are unable to make the transition and accept the ETH as fact, whatever the reason, are not comfortable confronting an emerging group of academics, activists and researchers who do. This circumstance is not unprecedented. All previous social and scientific paradigm shifts have produced similar tensions

It is also true that previous major shifts in world view have often been opposed and interfered with by state and religious institutions. The cosmic birthing process now underway is not the exception.

As remarkable was the citizen/science/activism that confirmed the ETH and revealed the extraterrestrial presence, equally remarkable was the effort by the United States Government to impede, misdirect and undermine the citizen driven process of discovery.

From 1947 forward every resource available to the developing military/intelligence complex was brought to bear on American society to create an embargo on the most profound truth in human history. The task must have seemed incomprehensible in the beginning – prevent every major institution within one of the most literate and open societies in history during a period of exponential expansion of electronic communication and multi-tiered media growth, from engaging an issue driven by phenomena not under human control.

While extraterrestrial craft were being seen and photographed around the world and extraterrestrial beings were interacting with humans on every continent, the United States government was able to prevent American academics, clerics, editors, publishers, state and federal political leaders and foundation board members from studying, teaching, covering, politically engaging or funding the issue in an appropriate manner leading to public understanding. It was and is a brilliant accomplishment now approaching its sixtieth year.

The tools used to control the extraterrestrial disclosure process were forged in the fires within the Secret Empire that burned most fiercely during the prosecution of the Cold War (1947-1991). These same tools were also used in a wide range of abuses of power, the impact of which on American policy and the future of the nation can not yet be projected. But the outlines of this impact are beginning to emerge, and the picture is not attractive.

The basic mechanisms of suppression are now well known: misinformation, disinformation, subversion, intimidation, lies, denial and misdirection. But these mechanisms were part of a broader process of social manipulation this author has termed the “intellectual ghettoization of ufology.”

The “ghettoization” of people and ideas by ruling authority has a long history that was always unpleasant but always effective. There is something fundamental within the human psyche that makes people susceptible to this maneuver. Let us hope some genes are diced and spliced in order to prevent future iterations of this nasty melodrama.

It is so simple. You direct intense ridicule at a selected target (a person, a race, an idea, a religion) and begin a process of isolation and separation. Then you associate more people and/or ideas to the selected target creating a defined and growing discredited grouping. If necessary, with people you build a physical wall to encompass the group. Whenever you need to add to the group you toss another person over the wall.

With ideas you build walls in the mind. Such a wall is the “ridicule curtain” built by the United States Government in the early 1950’s around the study of UFOs. Once it was built every person who touched the issue from that time forward was “tossed over the wall” into the ghetto of ufology. No one was spared. Walked on the Moon? Won a Pulitzer Prize? Commanded a Naval ship? PhD from MIT?  “Greatest jet pilot that ever was?” No matter. Touch the subject of UFOs and you are in the ghetto. The money dries up, the job offers diminish, programs are cancelled, medals are pinned elsewhere, college tenure is challenged, spouses leave home, phone calls are not returned.

Occasionally someone might attempt to break out and run for mainstream daylight. If the stain of the ghetto was strong enough, they might be ignored. Who will believe them? If not, well, collateral damage is an integral part of modern rule. The murders were few by historical standards.

As the years passed without resolution the misery mounted. Many good people spent their lives in pursuit of truths they would not live to see acknowledged and shared. Many others “burned out” and withdrew. Those who stayed on became increasingly frustrated and frayed around the edges. Within the confines of the ghetto they turned on each other. Everyone was suspect. Anyone could be an operative.

With vision obscured by a wall of lies many lost sight of the most important point – one which should be etched onto a plaque and mounted over every door. The failure to resolve the political impasse preventing the formal disclosure to the world of the extraterrestrial presence is the fault of one entity – the government of the United States – period. It’s not the researchers or activists one doesn’t like. It’s not the character flaws so clearly seen in others but not in oneself.

It’s the government, stupid, the one many didn’t bother to vote for because they were too disgusted or simply didn’t care any more. It is the government that acts on our behalf every day whether we voted or not and can make our life a living hell anytime it wants – if we let it.

The UFO era is over. It ended in 1991. The United States Government by intention or default is trying to extend the intellectual ghettoization of the extraterrestrial issue well into the second decade of the exopolitics era. This same government also wishes to extend its tenure in loco parentis to a nation of “children.”

It is essential, it is critical the American people stand up and assert their role as parent to a misbehaving government that has lost its way. Those within ufology and exopolitics must recognize the “ridicule curtain” is a wall in the mind only. It can be torn down with an act of will.

Tear down the wall, leave the ghetto, stand up to the state and demand the truth.