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Developments, both political and exopolitical, have been underway in Washington, DC over the past two years. For this reason Paradigm Research Group (PRG) executive director Stephen Bassett has relocated back to the nation’s capital to renew engagement of Congress and the political media. He will stay until Disclosure has been achieved.

In support of this effort PRG has leased an office in the National Press Building – the home of the National Press Club of which Bassett is a member. From this office PRG will launch the first exopolitical video podcast out of Washington, DC.

The program will be titled The DisclosureWire and will be hosted by Bassett. Guests will be drawn from researchers, activists, witnesses, mainstream journalists and political pundits – in studio or via remote.

Between filming episodes of The DisclsoureWire Bassett will be taking meetings on Capitol Hill with any and all congressional members and staff. For the past year there have been private meetings between members of Congress and members of the To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science (TTS/AAS) as well as pilot witnesses. PRG fully supports the efforts of this organization.

It is important to understand the core members of the TTS/AAS are former career professionals out of the DOD, CIA, defense/intelligence committees and defense contractors. Naturally, when they are meeting with congressional members and staff they are representing the interests of the military/intelligence/industrial complex (MIIC). This is perfectly appropriate. The MIIC has very legitimate concerns and needs as regards pre-Disclosure, Disclosure and post-Disclosure issues.

This leaves open the question, who is trying to convey the needs and concerns of the American people?

The Development

On September 1, 2019 PRG launched a 60-day Indiegogo Campaign to raise $10,000 toward the audio/visual/recording equipment that would allow for the highest possible production values for The DisclosureWire video podcast.

The $10,000 goal was reached by midnight on November 1, 2019 allowing the campaign to stay up indefinitely.

The office was set up in the National Press Building, the home of the National Press Club of which Bassett is a member. From this platform PRG will be looking to bring in guests from mainstream politics, media and academics to discuss all things exopolitical – persons who have not previously spoken publicly about the attendant issues.

[Here are some “before” photos.]



Next came the fitting out of the office and assembling of the technology to produce the podcast with the highest possible production values.

Here is an “after” photo of the suite in “office” mode.


Here is the office in  “studio” mode.

Podcast backdrop # 1:

Podcast backdrop # 2:

Podcast backdrop # 3:



PRG wants to begin streaming as soon as possible.  The office lease has been secured and initial deposits, rent and insurance premiums have been paid. Office furniture and basic equipment are covered.

The next step is acquiring the appropriate media technology to stream a program at a professional level. This will include three cameras, mixers, lighting, chroma key screen, editing software and additional equipment for doing remote interviews. Streaming can be done with a cell phone or with very expensive equipment. PRG will seek the sweet spot between those extremes. That said, the more funding available for this project, the higher will be the production values.

The DisclosureWire will be free to all to share, post or place on any streaming venue. There will be no pay wall, no advertising and no products for sale.

The DisclosureWire, like all of the projects from PRG, has one purpose – end the government imposed truth embargo regarding an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.