The DisclosureWire

Developments, both political and exopolitical, have been underway in Washington, DC over the past three years. For this reason Paradigm Research Group (PRG) executive director Stephen Bassett has relocated back to the nation’s capital to renew engagement of Congress and the political media. He will stay until Disclosure has been achieved.

In support of this effort PRG has leased an office in the National Press Building – the home of the National Press Club of which Bassett is a member. From this office PRG will launch the first exopolitical video podcast out of Washington, DC – The DisclosureWire.

Guests will be drawn from researchers, activists, witnesses, mainstream journalists and political pundits – in studio or via remote.

The DisclosureWire will be free to all to share, post or place on any streaming venue. There will be no pay wall, no advertising and no products for sale.

The DisclosureWire, like all of the projects from PRG, has one purpose – end the government imposed truth embargo regarding an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.