Election 2016 – PRG Political Initiative

From November 4, 2014 though December 8, 2016 PRG conducted a political initiative specifically targeting presidential candidate Secretary Hillary Clinton. The initiative was planned years in advance, and it’s goal was to provoke the political media to generate a plethora of articles connecting Candidate Clinton, her campaign chairman John Podesta and President Clinton to the UAP issues. PRG was convinced Secretary Clinton desired to be the “Disclosure President.” The initiative sought to: 1)  generate media coverage during the campaign and the presidential transition to such a degree Secretary Clinton could not back out of that intention, and 2) generate public awareness and support to help candidate Clinton move toward Disclosure early in her administration.

How was this to be effected?

When Secretary Clinton began her second presidential candidacy she and her closest advisers carried with them a two decades old secret – the origin of the Clinton/ET connection. This connection began when billionaire philanthropist and friend of the Clintons, Laurance Rockefeller, approached the White House in March of 1993 with a proposal to release all UFO related documents in government files and grant amnesty to witnesses who might come forward in the process. The Clinton administration did not see this coming.  The announcing fax came through the door of the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) headed by the President’s science adviser Dr. John Gibbons. His response was basically, “Who ordered this?”

Thus began what would come to called the “Rockefeller Initiative.” It would continue off and on for three and a half years ending just before the 1996 election. Though this effort by Rockefeller and twenty private citizens would fail, it will eventually prove to be one of the most important political events in American history.

You will find an extensive analysis of the Rockefeller Initiative and the Clinton/ET Connection in the ISSUES section of this website.

As the November 1996 election approached the Clintons and their closest political colleagues and advisers, which included John Podesta, Leon Panetta, Mack McLarty, Webster Hubbell, George Stephanopoulus, Al Gore, Bill Richardson and Dr. John Gibbons, explicitly or tacitly agreed to never speak publicly about the Rockefeller Initiative in service to their downstream political ambitions.

Of equal significance the mainstream political media made no effort to query them on Rockefeller’s effort for the next next eighteen years. In December of 2014 that would change.


The platform upon which PRG’s political initiative would stand was the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure (CHD) conducted at the National Press Club from April 29 to May 3, 2013.

Thirty hours of testimony by 42 witnesses was heard by six former members of the House and Senate over five days in a mock congressional hearing. All thirty hours were recorded and included three hours of testimony on the Rockefeller Initiative.

It took over a year to edit and prepare the video record of this testimony, which includes a full edited transcript prepared by Dr. Joseph Buchman. On November 5, 2014 the political initiative began when PRG shipped the 30-hour video record of the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure to all congressional offices. The 10-disk DVD sets included a letter signed by the CHD witnesses asking for new congressional hearings on the extraterrestrial presence issue.

In December of 2014 PRG contracted with its publicist to begin approaching political media based in Washington, DC about the ET connection to the leading presidential candidate.  Also, at that time PRG began approaches to the offices of House and Senate members sitting on appropriate committees regarding the need for new congressional hearings on the extraterrestrial presence question.

Shortly after the CHD DVD sets were shipped PRG launched a Twitter/Facebook campaign to alert the Congress and the media that something important required their attention. Over the next six months two and half million Twitter, Facebook and email messages were generated targeting congressional offices and political media announcing the engagement of the Clinton election campaign, the delivery of the CHD DVD sets and the need for new Congressional Hearings. This “Twitter Storm” would expand to include all Democrat and Republican presidential candidates.

An Open Letter to the leading presidential candidate Secretary Clinton was published widely on the Internet.

On February 5, 2015 the Disclosure Petition VII – Congressional Hearing ended its run on the White House website with 13,897 signatures. Of the 68 active petitions it was #3 at that time. The petition accomplished its primary mission to inform the White House of the Initiative. [Why send a letter or email to the White House few if any will see when you can post your message on its website for a month?] 

Thirteen years of engaging the media since 2001 about the Rockefeller Initiative combined with the candidacy of the first woman presidential nominee by a major political party paid off. The wheels of the Fourth Estate began to turn.

The first article by Jennifer Harper appeared in the Washington Times on November 24, 2014. Thus began the most extensive engagement in history by media of the politics of the extraterrestrial presence question and Disclosure. Before it was over 400+ articles were generated in the English press and likely a similar number in foreign language press, members of the Clinton campaign would publicly address the ET issue twelve times, 140 articles reference to PRG’s political initiative and its executive director Stephen Bassett, PRG would give over 100 media interviews, two dozen meetings were taken on Capitol Hill with congressional staff, and PRG would eventually be in an explicit source relationship with 42 reporters including two with three Pulitzer Prizes and three nominations between them.

The Clinton/ET connection was in the process of generating a media frenzy powerful enough to move the boulder away from the door of the truth embargo. The failure of two dozen television news hosts to ask a single question of Secretary Clinton or the twenty other presidential candidates during 36 election debates and forums about the Clinton/ET connection being covered around the globe prevented the story from reaching critical mass.

Very few have a comprehensive picture of this political initiative or know how close it came to succeeding. Let’s take a closer, chronological look at what transpired.

The Clinton/ET Connection Begins with the Rockefeller Initiative

The Clinton team leaves the White House on January 20, 2001. They never speak of the Rockefeller Initiative again publicly, but over the next ten years there are some interesting moments.

On October 22, 2002, John Podesta opened a press conference announcing the Coalition for Freedom of Information at the National Press Club with these words.
October 23, 2003, Podesta repeats his call for the release UFO files at the second press conference at the National Press Club for the Coalition for Freedom of Information.
In March of 2004 in a foreword to the book Roswell Dig Diaries, Governor Bill Richardson wrote this about the 1947 events near Roswell, NM.
On September 14, 2005, 2 years before his wife begins her first presidential campaign, President Clinton said this in Hong Kong. (Opening & 3:58).
On October 30, 2007 after the Democratic primary debate at Drexel University candidate Gov. Bill Richardson said this.
On April 2, 2014, six days before the CHD video record was slated to be delivered to Congress, President Clinton appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live.
President Bill Clinton’s April 2, 2014 appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live (above) needs some context. The Clintons were well aware of PRG’s Citizen Hearing on Disclosure and the intention to deliver the CHD video record containing three hours of testimony regarding the Rockefeller Initiative to all members of Congress. In February of 2014 PRG announced it would ship the DVDs on March 31, 2014. It became necessary to cancel that date, but PRG did not announce the cancellation of the shipment until March 31. President Clinton had already booked himself on Jimmy Kimmel Live for April 2 and arranged to be asked an ET question by Jimmy. He would likely not have known of the cancellation. Why the booking?Expecting that DVDs with three hours of testimony before six former members of the House and Senate were on their way to the entire Congress, the Clinton team was forced to make an inoculative maneuver – a limited hangout.

Watch and listen to this video closely. Media personality and investigative reporter Ben Hansen did an intriguing workup on this interview. It is worth a viewing. Here is some press coverage of that interview.

CBS News 4/3/14
ABC News   4/3/14
New York Daily News  4/3/14
International Business Times 4/3/14
Time 4/3/14
 Daily Caller 4/3/14

Video and Print Record of Clinton Campaign ET Related Statements

Beginning in January of 2015 reporters begin to contact the Clinton campaign office and John Podesta’s office with queries regarding the Clinton/ET connection and the Rockefeller Initiative. With the exception of a non-response response from Clinton campaign spokesperson Nick Merrill, they are stonewalled. Not even a “no comment.” The pressure builds. Podesta knows he can only stonewall the press so long before they begin to get twitchy. He needs to chart a course in which some statements are made in controlled situations – enough to seem open, but not enough to ignite a media frenzy. He makes his move with an extraordinary Tweet on February 3, 2015.

On his last day serving in the White House as an adviser to the President – knowing he is about to become co-chair of the Clinton campaign – he puts out a last Tweet on his White House account. It is shown below, and it is remarkable on several levels.

Note the phrase “once again.” He seems to be referring all the way back to 1993-1996 when he and President Clinton were denied any access to the desired UFO files without referring specifically to the Initiative that dare not speak its name. He uses the hashtag #disclosure. That hastag was prominent in the million plus Tweets generated by PRG’s “Tweet Storm” throughout November, December and January. He copies Maureen Dowd of the New York Times. Why?  On June 25, 1997, not long after the end of the Rockefeller Initiative,  Ms. Dowd wrote an intriguing column titled We Are Not Alone. He was almost daring her to interview his candidate. She never did.

On February 13, 2015, eight days after PRG began faxing meeting requests to ninety-three members of five key committees, former Clinton chief of staff and Obama adviser John Podesta writes this Tweet on his last day at the White House.
On March 13, 2015, one month after John Podesta’s tweet and ten days after PRG began meeting with House and Senate staffers, President Obama went on Jimmy Kimmel Live and gives this response.
September 29, 2015 John Podesta posts this tweet regarding Lena Dunham’s interview with Sec. Clinton.  Podesta had been copied on thousands of tweets to CNN requesting Sec. Clinton be asked about the Rockefeller Initiative in debate.
October 6, 2015, exactly one week before his wife’s first and many think critical Democratic primary debate, President Clinton is asked about the implications of an alien presence on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. He responds we and they should cooperate.
December 30, 2015, while campaigning in the New Hampshire primary election, Secretary Clinton refers indirectly to the Rockefeller Initiative and to John Podesta’s actions and brings the extraterrestrial presence issue into the 2016 presidential election.
February 11, 2016  President Barack Obama comes on the Ellen Degeneres Show and answers a 6-year-old’s question about the “Book of Secrets” and whether aliens are real. He responds, “We haven’t actually made direct contact with aliens yet.”  Wrong answer.
March 1, 2016  In the primary state of Nevada the day before Super Tuesday, John Podesta gives an interview to KLAS-TV reporter Steve Sebelius. He confirms the statements made by Secretary Clinton to the Conway Daily Sun were serious.
March 24, 2016 Sec. Clinton appears on Jimmy Kimmel Live and is asked about the UFO/ET issue. She restates her intention to open the government held UFO files to the public and  uses the term UAP indicating a change of language is needed.
April 8, 2016 On CNN with Jake Tapper John Podesta confirms Sec. Clinton’s intention to seek all UFO/ET related records held by the government and almost  acknowledges the Rockefeller Initiative and an extraterrestrial presence.
April 19, 2016 One day before the critical New York Democratic primary election, Secretary Clinton appears on the Power 105.1 FM Breakfast Club and reasserts her interest in the UFO/ET subject and also her intention to look into the matter as president.
June 2, 2016 Secretary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta is interviewed at the Code Conference in Rancho Palos Verdes ($6500 to attend). In front of a very high end audience he alludes to the Rockefeller Initiative without mentioning Laurance Rockefeller.
[Epilogue] March 2, 2017  Oddly enough post-election President George Bush comes on Jimmy Kimmel Live is basically asked  the same question as President Clinton, President Obama and Secretary Clinton, and in similar fashion cannot give a straight answer.

Sample Television Coverage of the Clinton/ET Connection

Throughout 2015 it was remarkable how the cable and network news programs avoided the Clinton/ET connection even as it was being written up in major papers and websites across the country. Finally, in April/May some modest coverage developed. However, by June it was clear to the Clinton campaign the news show hosts moderating the debates were not going to ask about the subject. On June 2, 2016 John Podesta made the last statement relating to the ET issue at a conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA. The Clinton team was confident they could wait to address the matter after they were in the White House. There were no more ET comments or related television news coverage after June 2.
 MSNBC Meet The Press Daily 5/11/16
 MSNBC Andrea Mitchell Reports 5/11/16
 CNN Erin Burnett Out Front 5/14/16
 NBC Sunday Today 5/15/16
 ABC World News Tonight 5/15/16
 MSNBC Morning Joe 5/27/16

Sample Print Coverage of the Clinton/ET Connection

The political coverage 2015-2016 in print media of the Clinton/ET connection was unprecedented and exceeded the total of all such coverage over the previous seven decades. Below are some of the stronger articles. A full archive of articles can be found HERE.
 Washington Times 11/24/14
 Washington Times 1/20/15
  Huffington Post 2/17/15
 Roll Call 2/23/15
  New York Magazine 2/24/15
 Mother Jones Magazine 4/3/15
 New Republic 7/16/15
  Huffington Post 8/31/15
Roll Call 9/3/15
 New York Observer 9/16/15
 Washington Post 12/11/15
Conway Daily Sun 12/30/15
 New Republic 1/4/16
Washington Times 1/4/16
 New York Observer 1/16/16
Washington Times  1/17/16
VICE 1/26/16
Roll Call  2/11/16
Mother Jones 3/2/16
Mother Jones 3/4/16
Daily Caller 3/25/16
Washington Post  4/8/16
Huffington Post 4/12/16
New York Times 5/10/16
Washington Times  5/12/16
The London Times 5/13/16
Pacific Standard Mag 5/13/16
 Washington Times  5/15/16
Chicago Tribune  5/17/16
Chicago Tribune  5/20/16
Vanity Fair  6/3/16
NBC News  6/26/16
Washington Times  10/16/16
 Huffington Post 10/18/16
Mother Jones 10/26/16
NBC News 10/31/16


Secretary Hillary Clinton did not win the election. There were many reasons for her loss, and any one or two could have swung the election in her favor. That said, at the center of her failure to reach enough voters was inauthenticity and mendacity. And while these traits were far more pronounced in her opponent, the people held Secretary Clinton to a higher standard. It is PRG’s firm conviction had she engaged the ET issue directly and fully she would be sitting in the White House today.