PRG Statement on the TTS/AAS: Mistake or Strategic Agenda Revealed

If you have not watched the History Channel series Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation,” you should. As regards its political implications it may be the most important series ever produced. There are many ways to watch it online (including free trials). You can find them HERE.


From its launch on October 11, 2017 Paradigm Research Group has aggressively supported the core mission of the To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science in lectures and media interviews, on Facebook and Twitter, and to the PRG international email list. Hundreds of links to TTS/AAS related articles and media interviews are earmarked on PRG’s website.

PRG fully expected this initiative to be heavily scrutinized and criticized, and has tried to impress upon the public the complexity and degree of difficulty in putting together this unprecedented effort from within the military/intelligence complex (MIC). Seven decades of government imposed embargo on confirming the extraterrestrial presence created considerable distrust and frustration particularly with those researcher/activists quite familiar with the evidentiary basis underpinning the reality of the phenomena. Many other actions by political leadership in concert with the MIC over the same period have added to this distrust.

PRG’s support of the TTS/AAS mission continues, but not without nontrivial concern regarding a narrative thread running through the Identified series. That narrative is about the UAP “threat.”

The research program impelled upon the Pentagon by Senator Harry Reid was eventually named the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP). This was appropriate to ensure a basic acceptance within the DOD and avoid push back, as well as receiving high level media coverage such as the New York Times.

The Unidentified series would bring with detail the mission of the TTS/AAS to a large audience over a six episode season that ended on Friday, July 5. PRG watched the series with keen interest in how the TTS/AAS would address the threat meme.

There is a distinctive difference between “threat” and “potential threat.” PRG noted “potential threat” was never used, or was used perhaps once or twice. On the other hand direct and indirect references to the threat posed by the UAPs escalated as the series progressed culminating in he final episode – The Revelation.

The sixth episode of Unidentified was flawed to the point of being grotesque. Every aspect of the production was designed to be dark including the cinematography, editing, and content, which was drenched in “threat” projection.

The TTS/AAS decided to go to Italy to address an incident involving a helicopter allegedly damaged and forced to land by a UAP. Meetings were held with Italian officials and researchers. Within the context of these meetings there was reference to a series of mysterious fires that occurred in the Italian village of Canetto di Caronia in 2004, 2005 and 2014. It was suggested these fires were caused by rays beaming out the sea where a UAP underwater base was located. Really?

It seemed clear to PRG the TTS/AAS had gone to some length to find a case that involved an “attack” by a UAP on a military vehicle. PRG was surprised at the TTS/AAS’s lack of credulity regarding these assertions by the Italians.

The fires. In March of 2015 Giuseppe Pezzino and his father Antonio Pezzino were arrested and charged with arson, conspiracy to commit fraud, and sounding a false alarms pertaining to the events in Canetto di Caronia. Insurance fraud was the likely motivation. The Italian military police had installed hidden cameras in the streets after the fires started again in July 2014. Video captured about 40 incidents implicating Giuseppe and Antonio. There was also phone tap evidence. They were found guilty.

The TTS/ASS could have found this information on the Internet in 10 minutes.

The helicopter. Helicopter rotors hit birds. Also, it was not a “military” helicopter. It was the equivalent to a “police” helicopter.

How intense was the treat meme in Episode 6? Researcher Vern Lovic transcribed threat related statements from the Episode. Many of these takes are shown below this statement. That said, only by watching the full episode can one truly appreciate how drenched in threat was this program.

The TTS/AAS has been meeting with members of Congress – including committee chairs – for over a year. The potential threat aspect of UAPs would be helpful in bringing those members to the table and in convincing committees to hold the needed hearings. The concern is whether or not this is a strategic maneuver to get the appropriate attention (if so, then use “potential threat”) or is it a core mission of the TTS/AAS to drive fear into the politicians and the American people leading to massive funding of a “space force.”

If the latter, the TTS/AAS should not underestimate the knowledge base of the citizen ET researcher/activist community, its collective power or the ability of that community to marshal the media to push back.

If the TTS/AAS team has clear, compelling evidence UAPs and their creators are not just a potential threat, but a real and present danger, they should produce that evidence sooner not later.

Stephen Bassett
San Pedro, CA
July 9, 2019


First it is worth noting a promotional tweet posted by Tom DeLonge in advance of the program:


[Note: some of these quotes are from earlier episodes repeated in Episode 6.]

“UFOs with extraordinary capabilities are present in our skies, according to a team of former US government insiders.”
                                                                                            Title at beginning of show

“We had been hearing for a while rumors that there had been a potential attack on an Italian aircraft.”

Luis Elizondo“This has just now, crossed the line to a true national security threat.”
                                                                                                                          Luis Elizondo

“High G, rapid velocity, rapid acceleration… How Could I Possibly Fight This?”
                           Unnamed female pilot from the Nimitz Tic-Tac incident

I had an entire fleet of these objects raining out of the sky…. If these things are Hostile, then we’re screwed.”
                                                   Naval radar operator in the Nimitz incidents

“Lue Elizondo discovered a different class of UFOs allegedly stalked Navy fighter pilots off the east Coast (US) in 2015.”
                                                                                                                             Voice over

“In 2004 in Sicily, a craft appeared a few hundred meters behind the copter (helicopter) tail and it shoot a ray that destroyed the helicopter wings.”
             Clarbruno Vedrucci, retired Commander of Italian Navy group.

“So this was deliberate? You believe it was deliberate?”
Luis Elizondo

Commander Clarbruno Vedrucci

“At this point, these things are coming in close and personal. We’re being FORCED to address it.”
                                                                                                                          Luis Elizondo

“In 2004 in Sicily, a craft appeared a few hundred meters behind the copter (helicopter) tail and it shoot a ray that destroyed the helicopter wings.”
                                                                               Commander Clarbruno Vedrucci

                                                                                Commander Clarbruno Vedrucci

“So this was deliberate, you believe it was deliberate?” [Second time]
Luis Elizondo

“ABSOLUTELY, YES.”  [Second time]
Commander Clarbruno Vedrucci

“Had any foreign adversary attacked a military helicopter of another nation, that could be a sign of aggression for sure, and maybe even potentially an act of war. So, that’s a big deal.”
                                                                                                                           Luis Elizondo

“This affects humanity, this doesn’t just affect one country.”
                     Luis Elizondo  [Showing pics of destroyed helicopter rotor}

“We’re at step 4. These things are at step 30, or 300! My greatest fear is that a foreign adversary did figure it out (the advanced tech) and we are just way, way, way, way, way behind.”
                                                                                                                      Steve Justice

The Tragedy of SETI

No Signs of Aliens in the Closest 1,300 Stars, Hunt Funded byRussian Billionaire Reveals – Live Science, June 19, 2019


The SETI concept (search for extraterrestrial intelligence) first emerges simultaneous with the launch of NASA via the National Aeronautics and Space Act of 1958. Over the next six decades SETI programs would be financed with millions of dollars of tax payer funds. When Congress grew weary of this, private funding was obtained. Later government money would again turn up.

The legendary Stanton Friedman eventually coined a substitute acronym – Silly Effort TInvestigate. Stanton was being too kind. The SETI programs, based on the amount of funding and length of tenure, are the greatest scientific fraud in human history.

In 1958 the U.S. Government had to create a civilian space program. The Russians were leading in space exploration and the U.S. had to respond. A secret military space program was not going to get the necessary vast sums of money needed. The public was excited about exploring space and aware of the extraterrestrial concept. They would support a civilian space program, but the U.S. Government had a big problem.

When NASA was established persons who mattered were quite aware since the 1940’s there was already an extraterrestrial presence engaging the planet. This truth along with all research and investigations were embargoed under the highest classification status within the military/intelligence complex (MIC).

NASA was going to generate more public interest in the extraterrestrial hypothesis (ETH) and the UFO phenomena being reported worldwide. The government could not appear to ignore the ETH as that would raise suspicion. A program to search for extraterrestrial radio signals that would almost certainly never be found was the solution to their problem. SETI would be the buffer to keep pressure off NASA, avoid awkward questions and keep lying to a minimum.

Over the subsequent decades SETI built radio telescopes that do have use value and perhaps elevated the science of radio telescopy. A number of scientists made comfortable livings. Was that worth the hundreds of millions (in 2019) dollars in tax payer and private funding? Given the entire program was a con game in service to the government imposed truth embargo. No.

That said, PRG views the creation of SETI programs in 1958 as a matter of national security as a legal albeit distasteful policy. The threat of a nuclear war was real. However, over the years SETI scientists likely making north of $100,000 per year (in 2019 dollars) would appear in tandem with extraterrestrial phenomena researchers often making nothing to debunk their work and demean their credibility. Not nice.

PRG has often said, “One way or another the truth makes fools of us all.” This includes scientists whose careers were wasted and legacies destroyed. It also includes Russian billionaires. Somehow Yuri Milner managed to ignore sixty years of evidence amassed confirming the extraterrestrial presence and give $100 million dollars to keep on searching for those elusive ET signals.

One can only wonder what Mr. Milner’s mood will be when he learns the SETI program was a fraud from the day it was created and remains same to this day.

Steve Bassett
San Pedro, CA
July 4, 2019

The Empire Strikes Back?

The Media Loves this UFO Expert Who Says He Worked for an  Obscure Pentagon Program. Did He?

The Intercept
June 1, 2019, 4:00 a.m.


Initial Response
The Intercept is a respected independent investigative journalist organization. It was launched in February 2014 as the first project of First Look Media, a news organization created and funded by billionaire and eBay founder Pierre Omidyar.
It has published many powerful articles challenging status quo journalism in America. I have great respect for two of its founding members – Pulitzer Prize awardees Laura Poitras and Glenn Greenwald.
Over the past three years I have presented considerable material to the Intercept regarding the Disclosure process and the extraterrestrial issue. What they choose to print is of course their business and they chose not to engage this subject – until today.
One of the Intercept investigative reporters, Keith Kloor, today published to the Intercept website this article: THE MEDIA LOVES THIS UFO EXPERT WHO SAYS HE WORKED FOR AN OBSCURE PENTAGON PROGRAM. DID HE?
It is the most egregious hit piece directed at the extraterrestrial presence issue and Disclosure I have ever read in 22 years. It measures up to some of the worst such articles written by Phil Klass, the most vicious debunker on record. Stanton Friedman presented a cogent case that Klass was in the direct employ of the CIA during his disgraceful career.
In this instance the hit is aimed at the To The Stars Academy efforts and Luis Elizondo personally.
As it happens, while I or PRG are not mentioned in this article, I have had some lengthy interviews with Keith Kloor, much of which addressed relevant subject matter. I have full audio copies of those interviews – made with Kloor’s permission, and I will review them to help me assess why he elected to write this article.
I invite every top research in the field – particularly those with connections to government and military sources – to vigorously parse every aspect of this article and publish their assessment.
It is quite possible this is the first open pushback against the ongoing disclosures coming from the To the Stars Academy. While the TTS/AAS clearly has support within the military/intelligence complex, there are many insiders who strongly oppose this truth process.
This is not the 20th Century when journalists had a “license to kill” – to attack anyone or any aspect of the ET issue, a license provided to them by the U.S Government which assured all there was no there there and those who went there were fools or idiots.
Stanton Friedman often said: “The age of the apologist ufologist is over.” We now have the resources and the collective power to respond to this kind of journalism.
As for me, I intend to publicly rip this article to pieces and deliver those pieces to the Intercept, which can decide whether this is a fine piece of journalism or permanent black mark on its reputation.
Stephen Bassett
Indian Wells, CA
June 1, 2019

On the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure 6th Anniversary

Given today is the 6th anniversary of the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure held at the National Press Club, April 29 – May 3, 2013, it is a good time to revisit this event and what followed.

At the time it was PRG’s most important and ambitious project since PRG’s founding in 1996. It would be supplanted by the 2016 Election Initiative. More on that later.

As most reading this know, 42 witnesses and researchers were brought to Washington, DC to testify for 30 hours over five days to six former members of the U.S. Congress. The main ballroom of the National Press Club was configured to resemble a congressional hearing and similar protocols were followed.

The CHD was part of a larger strategy. The event itself was designed to show members of Congress how actual, comprehensive hearings on the UAP/ extraterrestrial issues might look, impress members of the press with the quality of the witnesses and evidence, attract media attention to Disclosure, give unprecedented exposure to witnesses and researchers and send a message to the President of the United States living just two blocks away. In these ways it succeeded.

Of greater significance was the CHD being the opening maneuver leading into the 2016 election campaign, and the timing was perfect. Early in 2013 it was clear the coming presidential election campaign would likely be the longest and most expensive in history and would feature a candidate well ahead in the polls who had a connection to the UAP/extraterrestrial issue going back to March of 1993. This connection would also include her likely campaign manager, her husband and the sitting president. There had never been and probably never would be a better opportunity to drive the extraterrestrial presence issue into the heart of a presidential election.

The plan of action was to first send a full, physical record of the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure to every member of Congress (535 voting, 6 non-voting). By intention the first day of testimony included three hours regarding the connection between the Clinton political team and the extraterrestrial issue. The DVDs were shipped on November 5, 2014.

In late November of 2014 I returned to Washington, DC to manage the two-year 2016 campaign political initiative. This was made possible by approximately $40,000 in funding support. First on the agenda was to hire back my publicist, Janet Donovan. Over 35 years Ms. Donovan had become a legend in Washington, DC famed for knowing just about everybody of importance in town, politics and media, including quite a few Hollywood celebs from out of town,

In December of 2014 we began to present the story of the Clinton/ET connection on the DC based national media. The first article springing from the political initiative was on November 24, 2014 in the Washington Times by Jennifer Harper. She would go on to write nine more.

The first ever mention of the phrase “Rockefeller Initiative” in a mainstream newspaper occurs in an article in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune by Billy Cox on January 12, 2015.

Between November 5, 2014 and February 12, 2015, twelve articles were written about the Clinton/ET connection. This would lead to the first statement from the Clinton campaign. It came from John Podesta.

However, it is worth noting the first response from the Clinton team to PRG’s strategy actually came prior to the election campaign in April of 2014. In March of 2014 PRG announced publicly it would launch the political initiative on March 31 with the shipping of the CHD DVDs to Congress. Knowing the DVD held three hours of testimony on the Rockefeller Initiative, President Clinton arranged to be interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel on April 2, 2014 and asked about the extraterrestrial issue. In DC parlance this is called “getting out in front.” The interview generated modest coverage on ABC News, CBS NewsTime Magazine, the New York Daily News and elsewhere.

Unbeknownst to President Clinton PRG had delayed the DVD shipment. When that became public nothing more on the subject would be heard form the Clinton team until February 13, 2015 in the form of the now infamous “regret tweet.” Why?

PRG’s strategy was to put pressure on the Clinton campaign via articles in the MSM media and any complementary television coverage – there was little of that. More important than the articles was the way reporters at major newspapers do their job. If a reporter is contemplating writing or writing a story referencing public officials, let alone the leading candidate to be President of the United States, they have to call such persons to give them a chance to refute, corroborate, or comment on the story. So, reporters began to contact the office of John Podesta and the Clinton campaign office for comments. This created a dilemma.

While the Clinton/ET connection had been in the public arena since 2001 -though with minimal coverage – the campaign had no intention whatsoever to talk about ETs, UAPs or anything related. In their view it would be too risky. Whatever their plans regarding Disclosure, they would have to wait until Secretary Clinton was in the White House before that was put on the table.

When reporters started calling their offices, they knew the wolves were at the door. The campaign understood they couldn’t just stonewall the press, but they couldn’t engage the press. John Podesta is a very smart political operative. He devised a brilliant plan involving making limited statements by the Clinton team in controlled conditions, but not engaging the press in Q&A. With this approach the press might be satisfied the campaign was not trying to pretend hundreds of articles about the Clinton/ET connection were not being printed. Feed the wolves some doggy treats and hope for the best.

The goal was to prevent at all costs the Clinton/ET connection coming up in any of the debates. Better to answer questions about Benghazi than ETs. It worked. Nothing came up in the debates and the campaign shut down any ET related comments after June 2, 2016.

Ultimately over 400 articles about the Clinton/ET connection were published worldwide through to the election. Some of those articles referred to a new facet of the connection involving a project led by musician and activist Tom DeLonge. Shortly thereafter Secretary Clinton lost the election.

The aforementioned project would come to be known as the To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science (TTS/AAS). It is the most important development in the history of the Disclosure movement. It will almost certainly be a critical part of ending the truth embargo. [Note: you can find hundreds of articles referencing the TTS/ASS and AATIP HERE  and over 100 related video and audio interviews HERE.]

The TTS/AAS was in development throughout 2015 and 2016. It is tempting to speculate the hundreds of articles PRG was generating about the Cinton/ET connection and the statements coming from the Clinton team played a role in shaping the decision by members of the military/intelligence complex to step into the public arena with such a bold project. Had DoD insiders, like PRG, come to the conclusion Secretary Clinton would move to disclose the ET presence when she became President Clinton? PRG looks forward to learning more about the complex internal decision process that led to the TTS/AAS.

To all the volunteers, production staff, committee members, witnesses, researchers and funders who made possible the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, thank you for helping to create an important event that made a difference and still makes a difference. Disclosure is inevitable. It’s not a matter of if, but when. I look forward to working with all of you in the post-Disclosure world.

Project Blue Book Series


This brief commentary is not meant to be a review of the new theatrical series launched on January 8, 2019 by History Channel built around the life of Dr J. Allen Hynek. Rather it addresses a point that is of particular importance for those individuals drawn to this series who have little or no idea who Dr. Hynek is or what he did.

I must admit to being a little conflicted, but I can deal with it. This series will introduce a legend within our community to millions of people over the coming months and years. History Channel has made a major commitment. Countless ads have been run on multiple networks including an ad during the College National Football Championship – not a trivial event. This is good.

Such a commitment costs a lot of money, and naturally there has to be a substantial return. That means a great deal of theatrical license is going to be taken. History Channel has done this with gusto and certainly will receive some criticism, but not from me.

That said, it is important to publicly point out the simple fact there is quite a gap between the theatrical presentation of Hynek’s life and the real life. It would be helpful if a fact vs. fiction page of quality was developed and updated as the series moves forward. Researchers and others might prepare for how they will respond to questions from the more confused viewers who watch and then Google.

Most importantly, however, is the need for a comprehensive documentary of quality covering the life and work of Dr. Hynek. Obviously this is a project the History Channel might want to commission.

Congratulations to all who helped bring this series to the screen and to Paul Hynek and the Hynek family for their permission and cooperation. A great man will begin to receive the credit and attention he deserves.

Now, lets move on to Dr. John E. Mack.

Stephen Bassett
January 9, 2019
Napa, CA

Disclosure Status Report: The Way Forward

Paradigm Research Group            

[2/26/2023 – The “caretaker government option” was not taken, of course. A botched version was attemped much too late, and now the nation lives with consequences. To the credit of many the Disclosure process continued and now nears culmination. Truth has power lies, hate, corruption and incompetence can but envy.]

November 3, 2018

Washington, DC — Paradigm Research Group has released a report regarding the current status of the Disclosure movement along with a projection of how PRG expects the political leadership in Congress will resolve the ongoing constitutional crisis.


Disclosure Status Report: The Way Forward

Disclosure is an event, the formal acknowledgement by heads of state of nations of an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race. The Truth Embargo is the refusal of governments, particularly the United States, to make such an acknowledgement. This embargo is entering its eighth decade.

The activist effort to end the Truth Embargo is an “exopolitical” movement. Exopolitics occurs when extraterrestrial presence related issues cross paths with traditional politics. This has happened on numerous occasions since 1947 usually resulting in suppression of the Disclosure process. However, since 2001 the intersection between traditional politics and exopolitics has intensified. Here are some examples:

(1947)  A quickly executed political decision by President Truman to reverse the announcement out of the Roswell Army Airfield of a recovered “saucer” literally prevented Disclosure from taking place in 1947.

(1953)  Subsequent to the CIA Robertson Panel President Eisenhower signed off on committing significant resources to formalizing the Truth Embargo.

(1958)  The National Aeronautics and Space Act creating a civilian agency decreed NASA must assign any and all matters impacting national security to the Department of Defense. This protected the Truth Embargo from any NASA extraterrestrial related findings.

(1966)  U. S. House of Representatives Armed Services Committee Hearing on Unidentified Flying Objects was held in service to a powerful politician – House Minority Leader and later President Gerald Ford (much like the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program was created in 2007 in service to a powerful politician – Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid). Witnesses were limited to three members of the Air Force. The hearing was conducted to serve the Truth Embargo.

(1968)  U. S. House of Representatives Committee on Science and Astronautics Unidentified Flying Objects Symposium was held in response to growing public pressure and was part of a complex process intended to pull the government out of the “UFO” issue. This included the soon to be released Condon Committee Report, the shutting down of Project Blue Book and the dismantling of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP).

(1977)  President Carter attempted to engage the extraterrestrial presence issue by initiating a White House study. The military/intelligence complex made a political decision to thwart this study. First to refuse to cooperate was CIA Director George H. W. Bush. Eventually a report titled The UFO Enigma was written by Marcia S. Smith and delivered to President Carter.

(1987)  President Ronald Reagan raises the prospect of an “alien threat” in an address to the United Nations. This reference is made on several other occasions and is thought to be tied to the failed Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) implying another basis for the SDI.

(1947-1991)  A matrix of political decisions by several countries led to the Cold War and nuclear arms race, which set the Truth Embargo in stone for 44 years.

(1993)  President Bill Clinton’s administration was drawn into the extraterrestrial presence issue by Laurance Rockefeller. This was the most positive exopolitical development up to that time. Political decisions were made by the Air Force and the Department of Defense to block Clinton and the Rockefeller Initiative, which was closed down for political reasons just prior to the 1996 election.

(2001)  The Disclosure Project held a major press conference in the main ballroom of the National Press Club on May 9, 2001. Testimony from dozens of witnesses was presented in person and on video. Significant momentum was developing around the activist movement. This abruptly ended with the events of September 11, 2001 and the subsequent political decisions to enter into a series of wars in the Middle East.

(1967 – 2010)  A national security based political decision was made to ignore and deny evidence and testimony regarding perhaps the most significant and telling events for an extraterrestrial presence – nuclear weapons tampering in the presence of antigravitic craft of unknown origin.

(2013)  Twelve years to the month after the 2001 Disclosure Project press conference Paradigm Research Group produced a mock congressional hearing, the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, in the main ballroom of the National Press Club from April 29 to May 3. Six former members of Congress heard 30 hours of testimony from 42 witnesses over five days.

(2014)  Paradigm Research Group launched a political initiative targeting presidential candidate Secretary Hillary Clinton and her connection to the extraterrestrial presence issue going back to the Rockefeller Initiative. Hundreds of mainstream media print articles were generated forcing the Clinton political team (Secretary Clinton, President Clinton, John Podesta and President Obama) to address the extraterrestrial issue a dozen times during the campaign. Paradigm Research Group was convinced an elected Hillary Clinton fully intended to be the Disclosure President soon after taking office. This prospect ended with the election outcome.

(2017)  The To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science (TTS/AAS) was formally announced on October 11. This very significant project was developed during 2015/2016 and likely scheduled for launch just prior to or just after the 2016 election. The election outcome required some reorganization and a new timeline.

(2018)  As of this white paper the Disclosure movement has been significantly hampered for two years by the national political status – a constitutional crisis. Further progress to end the Truth Embargo will be limited until this crisis is resolved.

What’s Next?  A Caretaker Government and Disclosure?

The era of the “UFO” is over. The concept of Disclosure has now spread worldwide and people are excited and expectant. When will it happen? What is the current status?

At this time the nation is in the throes of a constitutional crisis that has forced many projects and initiatives into the background. Media coverage of extraterrestrial presence issues has fallen off substantially. The activist movement has been slowed to a crawl, and this will not change until the crisis has passed.

The following is a political, non-partisan assessment of how and when  the ongoing constitutional crisis will end and what that means for Disclosure.

Think of the current dilemma as a complex differential equation. These are equations that can have several solutions in which one may be the most useful. Right now the political leadership is trying to solve such an equation, and this assessment projects the solution they will choose.

The nation’s political institutions and processes are dysfunctional, but the political leadership is not stupid or suicidal. They will select the path forward that does the minimum damage to careers, legacies, fundraising and their parties. Some will even take into consideration the nation and the American people. There are a limited number of options, and each will generate considerable carnage. However, one stands well above the rest regarding minimal downside, maximum upside. Call it the “Caretaker Government” option.  #caretakergov

Paradigm Research Group believes this is the solution to the present constitutional crisis the political leadership will select. It would unfold as follows:

The Democrats will take control of the House of Representatives on January 3, 2019.

The Senate outcome will not be a factor.

Anticipating the Special Prosecutor reports, indictments, trials and convictions plus years of House committee hearings the Republican leadership will persuade the President to resign sometime between November 7 and January 3, 2019,

The current Vice President will become president and the House and Senate will elect a new vice president via Section 2 of the 25th Amendment.

Under a prior agreement that may or may not have been made public, the new president will also resign.

The new vice president will move up to the presidency and another vice president will be elected by the House and Senate via the Section 2 of the 25th amendment.

The new president and vice president will agree not to run for national office in 2020 after which this restriction will be lifted. They will have been selected on a bipartisan basis and have considerable experience and positive approval ratings.

As of January 3, 2019 the nation would essentially have a caretaker government for the next two years. There would be time to reset normal order, institute a range of reforms, bolster the security of the election process, increase public trust, reestablish bipartisan engagement and conduct a constructive national election campaign in 2020. This option would minimize damage to the careers and legacies of all principals and minimize the number and length of investigations and congressional hearings.

Lastly, there are other options and each of them would result in a political bloodbath the likes of which the nation has not seen in the modern era.

Why does Paradigm Research Group bother to make and publish this assessment?

The caretaker government status described would be the ideal scenario wherein a U. S. president would Disclose the extraterrestrial presence to the American people (and the world). With less partisan executives in office not running in the next election the political legacy would be spread across party lines and involve more principals. The American people would have time to consider a new extraordinary worldview and factor that into their voting decisions in 2020.

If the caretaker government scenario comes to pass, expect the TTS/AAS and Paradigm Research Group to become much more aggressive early in 2019. The TTS/AAS will likely release significant new information and additional former members of the military/intelligence complex may come forward. The Truth Embargo will collapse and Disclosure could take place in 2019.

Those who support the Disclosure process and resonate with the above assessment are invited to share it via social media for vigorous discussion and use the hashtag:  #caretakergov

Stephen Bassett
Executive Director
Paradigm Research Group

The New York Times is Now the Paper of Record for the Extraterrestrial Presence Issue

Below is a comprehensive list of New York Times articles addressing the extraterrestrial presence issue from the years 2008 to 2018 plus some articles from 1947 to 2007.

They’ve ‘Seen Things’

August 14, 2018
New York Times
Rozette Rago

LOS ANGELES — Robert Bingham has “seen things.” When he was 39, he looked skyward and noticed a worm-shaped ship about 20 feet tall zipping through the clouds.

Unusual things kept popping up around him — or above him, rather. He saw a saucer and some flying objects shaped like beans next. He snapped a picture.

For over ten years, he kept his sightings to himself. That changed in 2010, when his neighbor came over to do some plumbing work. Mr. Binghamshowed him his photos. The neighbor asked if he could invite his brother, who was very interested in unidentified flying objects, or U.F.O.s.

In awe of what they saw, they asked if they could invite more people to speak with Mr. Bingham — 40 more, actually. More than eight years ago, that was the first meeting of what is now known as “Summon Events with Robert Bingham,” at a park in Los Angeles across the street from where Mr. Bingham worked as a security guard.

Mr. Bingham, 62, an unassuming man who describes himself as shy, has become the nexus of a community of U.F.O. hunters in Los Angeles, fervent believers who come together to share their stories and persuade skeptics that extraterrestrial communications aren’t just a conceit for television shows………..

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Is the US government hiding UFOs in a Las Vegas hangar?

August 12, 2018
The Times (UK)

On the northern edge of the Las Vegas sprawl where city meets desert, a vast building resembling a giant hangar stands among the suburban bungalows, occupying a 50-acre city block . This is the headquarters of Bigelow Aerospace, a company that plans to launch and sell its own space stations and, more ambitiously, build a space hotel and a lunar base. Recently, the hangar doors have remained closed and tumbleweed now blows across the car parks. The perimeter is fortified with razor wire and concrete barriers, and the only staff visible from outside are armed guards……..

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A Radar Blip, a Flash of Light: How UFOs ‘Exploded’ Into Public View

August 3, 2018
New York Times
Laura M. Holson

In the early morning of July 20, 1952, Capt. S.C. “Casey” Pierman was ready for takeoff at Washington National Airport, when a bright light skimmed the horizon and disappeared. He did not think much of it until he was airborne, bound for Detroit, and an air traffic controller told him two or three unidentified flying objects were spotted on radar traveling at high speed.

The controller told Captain Pierman to follow them, the pilot told government investigators at the time. Captain Pierman agreed, and headed northwest over West Virginia where he saw as many as seven bluish-white lights that looked “like falling stars without tails,” according to a newspaper report.

The sighting of whatever-they-were garnered headlines around the world. And in the decades since, U.F.O.s have become part of the pop culture zeitgeist, from “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” to “The X-Files.” In September, a star of that long-running series, Gillian Anderson, will appear in “UFO,” a movie about a college student haunted by sightings of flying saucers. A “Men in Black” remake is in the works. And the History Channel plans to air “Project Blue Book,” a scripted series about the government program that studied whether U.F.O.s were a national threat………

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