Clinton/ET Connection

PRG will address in the Issues section those Disclosure related subjects it considers most important at this time. Over the coming weeks these topics will be developed. If you would like to submit articles or white papers addressing any of these issues for review to be considered for full or partial inclusion in this section, please send them to PRG.

In this section PRG will address the following considerations regarding the Clinton/ET Connection and will expand on these points as more information becomes available. Important related content can be found in the Rockefeller Initiative section.

[In no particular order.]

  1. Why did John Podesta participate in the SciFi (now SyFy) Channel funded Coalition for Freedom of Information launched on October 22, 2002 in coordination with the premiere of Steven Spielberg’s series Taken?
  2. More specifically, why did John Podesta choose that moment to call for the release of all government held UFO files 21 months after President Clinton had left office?
  3. Why did John Podesta leave his position as CEO of the Center for American Progress and return to the White House on October of 2013 as an adviser to President Obama?
  4. Why did John Podesta post his now famous “Regret Tweet” on his last day working for the President on his way to being the co-chair of Secretary Clinton’s campaign?
  5. Did the Clinton team make the decision that Secretary Clinton would upon taking the White House be the “Disclosure President?” At what point was that decision made?
  6. Why did Government Bill Richardson write his foreword to the book Roswell Dig Diaries just as he was gearing up to run for president?
  7. To what degree was Vice President Al Gore aware of the Rockefeller Initiative and the Clinton’s intentions regarding the ET issue?
  8. To what degree was President Clinton stonewalled by government agencies regarding any requests for ET related information he had a Constitutional supported right to receive without redaction? How did he feel about that?
  9. Why did Governor Clinton ask Webster Hubbell to look into the UFO matter once he was ensconced at the Department of Justice?
  10. Why did John Podesta agree to work with Tom DeLonge  and his projects in the middle of a presidential campaign? Was this decision run by Secretary Clinton?
  11. What does President Clinton and Secretary Clinton privately think about the evidence for an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race?
  12. Was President Clinton formally briefed by the Pentagon and/or other government agency about the extraterrestrial issue?
  13. Given what was said by the Clinton team during the presidential campaign, why have they not said anything further since the election?
  14. What would happen if the Clintons were to publicly speak at length to the extraterrestrial issue now.
  15. How could journalist George Stepanopoulus after leaving the Clinton administration in 1996 have sat on the Rockefeller Initiative story for 22 years?