Nuclear Weapons Tampering

PRG will address in the Issues section those Disclosure related subjects it considers most important at this time. Over the coming weeks these topics will be developed. If you would like to submit articles or white papers for review to be considered for full or partial inclusion in this section, please send them to PRG.

In this section PRG will address the following considerations regarding the matter of nuclear weapons tampering associated with extraterrestrial craft and will expand on these points as more information becomes available.

[In no particular order.]

  1. How important is this genre of evidence?  What are the implications?
  2. Who are the witnesses who have come forward to date?
  3. What are the key resources available to become familiar with this issue?
  4. Who is the leading researcher investigating this issue?
  5. How extensive are these events? Did they occur outside the United States as well?
  6. How has the government – Pentagon, Air Force, Congress – reacted to this evidence?
  7. How has the media reacted to this evidence?
  8. What does this evidence tell us about the extraterrestrial presence?