Post-Disclosure World

PRG will address in the Issues section those Disclosure related subjects it considers most important at this time. Over the coming weeks these topics will be developed. If you would like to submit articles or white papers for review to be considered for full or partial inclusion in this section, please send them to PRG.

In this section PRG will address the following considerations regarding the post-Disclosure world and will expand on these points as more information becomes available. This is the most important section on this website. It will become very extensive as Disclosure approaches.

[In no particular order.]

  1. What are the best resources available to address the extraordinarily complex subject of post-Disclosure?
  2. Who are the key researchers writing in this area?
  3. What is the most likely scenario whereby Disclosure takes place? What is the worst case scenario?
  4. What will happen during the first week, first month, first year post-Disclosure?
  5. How can the public, the government, business, religion, media and politicians prepare for Disclosure?
  6. What kinds of new information might the public expect to receive from their government post-Disclosure? Will they get it?
  7. How can the citizens of nations take advantage of Disclosure? What happens if they don’t?
  8. [The big one.] How will Disclosure change human civilization on the local, national and global levels?