Secrecy Reform

PRG will address in the Issues section those Disclosure related subjects it considers most important at this time. Over the coming weeks these topics will be developed. If you would like to submit articles or white papers for review to be considered for full or partial inclusion in this section, please send them to PRG.

In this section PRG will address the following considerations regarding the abuses of power and secrecy by government and the need for secrecy reform and will expand on these points as more information becomes available.

[In no particular order.]

  1. What have we learned about governmental abuse of power and secrecy from the truth embargo?
  2. Could Disclosure be the door to secrecy reform? Why?
  3. What are some of the better resources for understanding the abuse of power and, in particular, secrecy over the past seven decades?
  4. What’s the difference, if any, between the secret empire, deep state and the breakaway civilization?
  5. What are the consequences if the American people do not exert their power to reform the national security infrastructure?
  6. How has the extraterrestrial presence contributed to the size and scope of the military/intelligence complex?
  7. Why doesn’t the media push back harder against the abuses of power and secrecy and, most importantly, the manipulation of the public in service to war making?
  8. Can trust in government be restored in this century, this decade?