Print Media Archive

This media archive is almost certainly the largest compilation of links to extraterrestrial related phenomena articles on the Internet or anywhere. The archive is limited to reportage in the mainstream media only –  no pure tabloids or paranormal publications. Also not included are articles from “direct media” such as the Examiner, the Canadian, OpEd News, American Chronicle, etc. of which there are thousands.

The archive is representative of English language coverage since 1947. Some important foreign language coverage is included given the effectiveness of Google translation software. In most instances links are to the full article at the source. Some links are to previews of archived articles and require purchase for the full text. The balance are linked to text copies. It is a representative sampling. The total mainstream coverage, all countries, since 1947 can only be guessed, but likely exceeds thirty thousand articles. These article links are gathered from multiple sources. [Note: the number of articles being generated on the ET issue is now so large, PRG focuses on archiving a sampling of the better story threads.]

PRG Media Archive

Many compelling news articles from the earliest days of the modern UAP era and the truth embargo are not published on the Internet.  They are only available in photo/microfiche archives.

PRG News Clipping Archive  (In development)