News Clipping Archive [In development]

There are tens of thousands of news clippings in the archives of newspapers around the world that are not accessible via the Internet. They reside in file draws and microfiche. There have been attempts to build collections of these print articles. The late Lucius Farish devoted years to this task. PRG will post here some articles that it feels important, interesting and of some historical significance.  Hopefully, post-Disclosure there will be a well funded effort to compile the largest possible compilation of pre-Internet print articles addressing the ET/Truth Embargo history.

June 25, 1947


Roswell Daily Record – July 8, 1947


Roswell Daily Record – July 9, 1947


Miami Herald – July 16, 1952

Washington Post – July 28, 1952

The Minot Daily News – December 6, 1966

Boston Herald, April 24, 1967


News of the World – October 3, 1993

Arizona Republic – June 20, 1997