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Sergio Lub

Sergio Lub is an architect, inventor, jewelry designer (, and above all a social networker.

Sergio is passionate about interconnecting visionary people and in 1995, more than a decade before Web 2.0, he designed the community building freeware Friendly Favors ( and the Living Directory Network (

As 2008, the tools designed by Sergio as a free service, are being used collaboratively by over 100 organizations and are interconnecting over 50,000 people within a network of trust that extends to more than 150 countries.

The idea of online networks was later adopted by commercial ventures, like, Tribe, Linkedin, MySpace, etc.

There is a mayor difference between networking as a service or as a business. When advertising revenues depend on the number of users then information is not verified originating fictitious information plus annoying ads. has neither because is designed as a community service, believing that is our right to connect safely and freely across distance, generations and other social barriers.

Besides online networking Sergio has hosted since 1997 over 500 physical meetings, mostly around the San Francisco Bay Area. most promising feature is perhaps its social reputation rating fed by the confirmed identity of its participants, its chain of trust and its referral system.

Having their social reputation online is already allowing visionaries and people of goodwill to be recognized and supported worldwide.

There are many reports of young people using the connections started through the network to travel more meaningfully and on a minimum budget, a new way of hitchhiking.

Sergio was born in Argentina to Russian parents moved to America in 1975 where he met his wife, California artist Gaye Frisk, and started their family in the early 1980s.

He is trained as an architect, has inventor patents, and has traveled to nearly 100 countries while learning to communicate in 7 languages. He also developed a business designing and handcrafting jewelry –

Sergio has volunteered as a citizen diplomat to help end the Cold War, traveling abroad and hosting Russians as they first visited California. He enjoys meeting visionary people and has an extensive network of contacts locally and internationally.

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