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The UAP Disclosure Act (often referred to as the Schumer Amendment) has been dismantled due to pressure from various special interests. To view easy-to-read, highlighted text of the Act as originally submitted by the Senate for inclusion in the FY2024 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) click HERE..

The final wording as passed can be viewed HERE.

While it contains the basic concept of the Senate bill, eminent domain, the Controlled Disclosure Plan, subpoena powers and the UAP Review Board have been removed from the Senate version.

If passed and signed by the President, the Schumer/Rounds UAP Disclosure Act would have been the fourth and final tranche of legislation establishing the legal structures necessary to deal with the immediate demands following confirmation by the President of the United States of a non-human (extraterrestrial) presence engaging the human race – Disclosure.

The platform upon which the President would stand to make that confirmation would be constructed by promised, but long overdue, comprehensive UAP hearings before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. Fortunately, the failure of the Schumer/Rounds Act to make it into the NDAA in no way precludes those hearings.

The individuals highlighted in the above graphic are the heroes of this saga. They are from left to right: Representatives Tim Burchett, Nancy Mace and Anna Paulina Luna who worked to hold the first UAP hearing in Congress since 1968 and place UAP language in the House FY29024 NDAA and Senators Michael Rounds, Kirsten Gillibrand, Marco Rubio, Mark Warner and Chuck Schumer who have sponsored UAP language in four successive NDAAs.


It’s time to manifest some activism focused on getting those hearings in January of 2024. How?

It’s called a “Tweet Storm.” In 2014 a team on behalf of Paradigm Research Group pounded all 535 congressional offices with 2 million plus Tweets regarding the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure.

Given this is more focused, we shall call it a “Shift Storm.” It focuses on just the offices of these three heroes: Senators Schumer, Warner and Rubio. Why? Collectively they have the power to schedule and hold the necessary Senate Intel Committee UAP hearings. Several dozen witnesses are ready to testify, and their testimony will set the stage for the President to formally end the Truth Embargo immediately. After that, the UAP Disclosure Act could be easily reconsidered and passed.

Th goal is to deliver 100,000 tagged Tweets and 10,000 emails each to the offices of Senators Schumer, Warner and Rubio by January 1, 2024. The core message is appreciation for the UAP Disclosure Act and the imperative for UAP hearings in January before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Tagged tweets: they are Twitter posts that include the member’s Twitter handle. They end up in the member’s Twitter notification box monitored by staffers. Anyone in the world with access to Twitter can participate.

Example: @senschumer I am disappointed with the final UAP language in the FY2024 NDAA. It is more important than ever the Senate Intel Committee hold hearings no later than January for the powerful witnesses ready to testify.

Emails: All three members use forms that send messages to emails boxes monitored by staffers. However, if the address and zip code provided in the form is not an address in their state – Schumer (New York), Warner (Virginia), Rubio (Florida) – the email will not go through.

Phone calls: PRG is not suggesting mass calls to these offices. It’s disruptive. But if you wish to make a call, the phone numbers are listed on the member’s websites.

Here are some Rules of Engagement:

— Keep in mind these Senators want Disclosure and sponsored the bill. They are the good guys.

— Timing is now until January 1. Then we will reassess.

— Do not lose focus by lobbying to change the language back in the NDAA. It’s settled.

— No epithets, attacks, threats, rudeness – particularly on calls.

— Do not convey the same message over and over (boiler plate) to the same office. Change the wording.

— On calls don’t try to get to the chief of staff, aides, etc. Just give the message to the nice intern manning the phone. Don’t take too long.  

— With respect to Twitter tagging and emails, be relentless. Send as many as you can as many days you can, but change the message.

— The tone should be strong, firm, serious, determined, committed, reasoned.

Help these three senators step into history. Share this site with your social media and email lists. Move this activist effort over to TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, et al.



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One more suggestion. They are not part of the Shift Storm, but feel free to send a message of thanks and support to Representatives Burchett, Luna, and Mace for their efforts.


Rep. Tim Burchett             @RepTimBurchett       (202) 225-5435   Email Form
Rep. Anna Paulina Luna      @RepLuna                    (202) 225-6551   Email Form
Rep. Nancy Mace                 @RepNancyMace         (202) 225-3176   Email Form


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