Media Schedule

Since 1997 PRG executive director Stephen Bassett has given over 1200 radio and television interviews on the issues surrounding Disclosure and the truth embargo. Upcoming media interviews are listed below. Listings for most of the previous interviews are archived HERE.
X-Zone Radio/TV w/ Rob McConnell
X-Zone Radio Network
Monday, February 25, 2019,  4 pm PT
Truth be Told w/ Tony Sweet & Capt. Ron
United Broadcasting Network
Wednesday, February 20, 2019,  4 pm PT
Late Night in the Midlands w/ Michael Vara
LMN Network
Monday, January 21, 2019,  7 pm PT


Into the Parabnormal w/ Jeremy Scott
Paranormal Radio
December 22, 2018,  6-9 pm PT  Completed


Sacred Matrix
Revolution Radio
December 16, 2018,  5 pm PT  Completed


Foust Files w/ Chris Foust
December 4, 2018, 7 pm PT  Completed


Different Perspective w/ Kevin Randle
November 2018
Podcast  Completed


Spaced Out Radio w/ Dave Scott
November 16, 2018,  9 pm PT  Completed


Night Dreams Talk Radio w/ Gary Anderson
November  8, 2018    7 pm PT  Computer
Cosmic Questions w/ Cheryl Costa
October 9, 2018, 11 am PT   Completed
Paranormal Now w/ Alan Smith
Blogtalk Radio
Thursday, Sept 27, 6 pm PT  Completed
Phenomenon Radio w/ John Burroughs & Linda Moulton Howe
KGRA Radio
Thursday, Sept 20, 2018, 8 pm ET  Completed

Dark Matters Radio w/ Don Ecker
KGRA Radio
Friday, Sept 14, 2018, 5-7 pm PT  Completed

Starseed Radio Academy w/ Lavandar
Blog Talk Radio
September 4, 2018, 4 pm PT  Completed

Brian Ruhe Show w/ Brian Ruhe
Revolution Radio
Tuesday, September 11, 3-5 pm PDT  Completed

Black Vault Radio w/ John Greenewald, Jr.
September 2018 (Podcast)  Completed

Declare Your Independent w/ Ernest Hancock
Liberty Radio Network
August 30, 2018, 11 am ET  (Completed)

This is Dark Matters w/ Franky Guttman & Michael Bilow
August 2018 (podcast)  Completed

The UFO Show
Wednesday, August 8, 6 pm PT  Completed

Midnight in the Desert w/ David Schrader
Dark Matter Radio
Monday, July 30, 9 pm PT  Completed

Martian Revelation Show w/ Gary Leggiere
LNM Network
July 21, 2018, 9 pm PDT  Completed
Lighting the Void w/ Joe Rupe
Fringe FM
Monday, July 16, 9 pm PDT  Completed
Fade to Black w/ Jimmy Church
Wednesday, July 11, 9:30 pm PDT  Completed
Night Dreams Talk Radio w/ Gary Anderson
Tuesday, July 10, 8 pm PT    Completed
On the Odd w/ Mark Jeacoma
July (podcast)    Completed
The Richard Dolan Show w/ Richard Dolan
KGRA Radio
Monday, June 18, 8 pm ET    Completed

The X-Zone w/ Rob McConnell
X-Zone Radio
June 14, 2018  Midnight ET    Completed
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The Cameron Files w/ Grant Cameron
KGRA Radio
Tuesday, June 12, 8 pm ET    Completed

Coast to Coast AM w/ George Noory
Monday, May 28, 10  pm PT   Completed

Spaced Out Radio w/ Joe Rupe
Saturday, May 12, 9 pm PT   Completed

The Unexplained w/ Howard Hughes
Sunday, April 29, 2:20 pm PT
talkRADIO (UK)   Completed

UFONN Podcast w/ James Landoli and Frank Stalter
Sunday, April 22, 8 am PT
UFO News Network Sunday   Completed

The Edge w/ Daniel Ott
Saturday, April 21, 5:20 pm PT

Late Night in the Midlands w/ Michael Vara
Tuesday, April 3, 6 pm PT
LNM Radio Network   Completed

NonSequitur Show/ Kyle Curtis & Steve McRae
Sunday, April 1, 2018
Podcast  Completed

Matrix of Perception w/ Monique Lessan
Wednesday, March 14, 5 pm PT
Revolution Radio

MUFON Television w/ Ron James
March 5, Monday, 7:30 pm PT
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Coast to Coast AM w/ George Noory
Thursday, March 1, 10-11 pm PT

Truth be Told w/ Tony Sweet
February 23, Friday, 4 pm PT
UBN Radio, Hollywood, CA

Radio Wasteland w/ Chauncey Haworth and Sean Kittrick
February 12, Monday, 6:15 pm PT
KCNR AM1460 in Redding, CA
Podcast  Completed

Spaced Out Radio w/ Dave Scott
February 1, 2018,  4 pm ET  Computer


End of Days w/ Mike Decon
January 20, 2018 (Podcast)  Computer

Mysterious Outpost  w/ Mike Blocker
Jan 17, 2018  Completed

Phenomenon Radio w/ John Burroughs and Linda Moulton Howe
January 12, 2018, 8 pm ET  Completed
We Are Not Alone w/ David Twichell
WHFR FM 89.3
January 10, 2018, 3 pm ET  Completed
Listings for most of the previous interviews are archived HERE.

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